15 Best Comments Ideas to Compliment on Boy’s Picture in English

Every guy needs to be complimented. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to know that person very well. A little complement of yours can make a guy’s day better instantly.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the comments we put in a guy’s pic shouldn’t be too cliché and they should be sensible. Neither too shabby, nor too unnecessarily extra.

So, just put away the sexist ideas like ‘girls shouldn’t compliment a guy’, and start giving positive remarks and compliments to a guy by just using the comment section that pops up on your screen while you are scrolling miles with your fingers on your phone; either on Facebook or Instagram. Here are 15 such comment ideas that you can use on a guy’s pic on Insta or FB. Scroll down to read them!

15 Best Comments For A Guy’s Pic On Insta And FB

  • I love your fashion sense!
  • That smile of yours! Damn!
  • You’re a perfect combination of hot and cute.
  • You seem to be such a beautiful person.
  • This picture made my morning.
  • Such a handsome hunk!
  • This look stole my heart!
  • This is what is called Picture Perfect
  • You’ve left me speechless
  •  I love your caption!
  •  You’re so impressive
  •  Forever crush
  •  You are just like a ray of sunshine
  •  You’re going to wreck the internet
  •  You always stand out in the crowd
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