21 Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

Teachers are the guiding light through the dark ways of life. Teachers provide us with knowledge, support us, and encourage us. Teachers do not only teach bookish lessons but also life lessons. They make our classes fun and help us enjoy them. They help us through everything, no matter when we reach them. Sometimes they become our best friends as well. But it is also fun to irritate teachers, isn’t it? If you are thinking of pranking or annoying your teacher, we have got you. Here, we have gathered the 21 best ways to annoy your teacher harmlessly. Go ahead and give it a read if you desperately want to annoy your teacher.

1. Raise your hand to take permission for the washroom

Next time when your teacher asks a question to the class, raise your hand in a way that makes you seem very excited and when he or she picks you, just say “may I go to the washroom?”

2. Ask for the bathroom

Here is a super way to annoy your teacher. After returning from the washroom once, ask your teacher if you can go again and say it’s an emergency. Trust me on this, she will be super annoyed.

3. Ask her to explain again

Here is an epic way to annoy your teacher. If she is explaining something for a very long time, after he or she is done, ask him or her to explain once again because you did not get it.

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4. Do not say the correct answer

Whenever your teacher asks a question, raise your hand every time and deliberately say the wrong answer every time. He or she will freak out, trust me.

5. Tap the pencil on the desk

When your teacher is teaching any topic very seriously, tap your pencil continuously on the desk. She will not be able to concentrate, and she will be so annoyed.

6. While he or she is taking attendance, say absent

When your teacher calls your roll, instead of answering ‘present’, just answer “absent”. Trust me, she will be very irritated.

7. Exit the meeting, enter again, and repeat

If you are having online classes and want to annoy your teacher, simply exit and re-enter the online class continuously. Your teacher will be super annoyed at having to admit you continuously.

8. Unmute yourself while he or she is teaching

After you join the online class, keep your mic unmuted and talk loudly or play music in the background. Your teacher will be super annoyed at not being able to take the class peacefully.

9. Say that she is not audible

While your teacher is taking online classes, tell him or her that he or she is not audible even if she is. Tell it to her continuously. She will be irritated and might even stop taking classes.

10. Do not answer when he or she calls

During your online class, if your teacher calls your name, do not answer. Answer only when he or she calls your name for attendance. He or she will be super annoyed.

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11. Raise your hand 

Next time, whenever your teacher asks the class a question, raise your hand. When she asks you, just say that you were stretching your hands because they were aching.

12. Talk to the wall when punished

The next time your teacher punishes you and asks you to stand facing the wall and you really want to annoy him or her, start talking to the wall.

13. Borrow a pencil from the teacher and chew it

If you really, really want to annoy your teacher, here is a way. Tell your teacher that you forgot to bring a pencil and borrow it from him or her. Then return the pencil all chewed up. She will be irritated as well as disgusted.

14. Stick chalk under the eraser

If you want to prank your teacher, here is the best way. Stick a piece of chalk under the chalk duster. Every time she uses it to erase something, she messes up even more.

15. Highlighting the whole chapter

Next time, whenever your teacher asks you to highlight the important parts of a chapter, highlight every line and say that everything is important. Trust me, the teacher will be super-duper annoyed.

16. Respond in a different language

If you want to annoy your teacher, when he or she asks a question, reply in a totally different language. This will annoy the hell out of him or her.

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17. Say your parents have not finished the homework

When your teacher asks you to submit the homework, tell him or her that you will submit it as soon as your parents finish it. She will be super annoyed with this, and you can have a good laugh.

18. Toss your pencil as far as you can across the floor

While the teacher is teaching the classroom very seriously, just throw a pencil or pen on the other side of the classroom and when he or she asks, say that it slipped.

19. Eat crunchy food during class

When your teacher starts writing on the board, eat something crunchy. He or she will never be able to guess who it was and will be so angry.

20. Start packing your things 10 minutes before the class ends

If your teacher is the one who goes on teaching even after the period is over, pack all your things 10 minutes before the bell and make sure he or she sees it. She will be very annoyed. Trust me.

21. Read a different subject

If you want to irritate a specific subject teacher, for example, an English teacher, simply solve math problems during his or her class and make sure he or she notices it.

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