17 Best Ways to Annoy Your Best Friend

Best friends are everything to us, aren’t they? Being with a best friend feels like being in heaven. They are the first person you call when things go downhill. A best friend is a person who gives you bad advice, but he or she is also the one who knocks some sense into your head when you are about to do something wrong. As much as we love spending time with our besties, we like to annoy them way better. Annoying your best friend feels like a hobby, doesn’t it? Are you trying to figure out ways to annoy your bestie? We have got you. We have put down 17 of the best ways you can annoy your best friend. Read on.

Hand up the call after one ring

One of the best ways to annoy your bestie is by giving him/her missed calls continuously. If you ever need to call him/her or he/she has asked you to call, simply give missed calls. Cut the calls on the first ring. This will annoy him/her very much. Make sure he/she does not break your phone.

Reply just with Ks and HMMs

Have you ever been responded solely with hmm and k? Then you must know how annoying it is, right? Well, then just do this with your best friend. When he or she texts you, simply respond with a hmm or a k. will get on his/her nerves.

Continuously send chain messages

Have you ever known a person who continuously sends chain messages and asks you to share them? This is so annoying, right? Collect a few of these chain messages and send your bestie these messages every hour. 

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Spam his or her inbox with thousands of messages

Open our bestie’s inbox and send thousands of irrelevant messages, stickers, and emojis. Trust me, he/she will be so annoyed. He/she might even switch his phone off. This can also freeze his/her phone screen.

Repeating every word that comes out of your bestie’s mouth

This is a very traditional technique for annoying people. You will often find kids doing this. Simply, repeat everything your best friend says. This is one of the best ways to annoy someone.

Discuss every scene while watching movies

Next time when you are watching an extremely interesting movie with your best friend, interrupt him/her in between and discuss the movie or something else. Trust me, this is very, very annoying.

Wake him or her up with a glass of water

Next time when you have a night in and your bestie is not waking up from his/her goodnight’s sleep, take a glass of water and pour it on his/her face. He/she will wake up in an instant and will be so annoyed. Beware, he/she might take revenge.

Make him or her cover his or her own face with foam

If your best friend is sleeping and you want to wake him/her up, put some shaving foam on his/her palm and tickle his/her face. He/she will smack his/her hand in the face, which will be covered in shaving foam. This will be very fun. If you don’t have shaving foam, toothpaste will also work.

Lock your bestie in the bathroom

Locking in the bathroom is one of the most epic ways of annoying someone. Even adults do it. Next time your bestie is taking a shower in the bathroom, lock him/her inside. Do not open for at least 10 minutes. He/she will be so freaking annoyed.

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Point out the grammatical error

Everyone gets annoyed when someone points out their grammatical errors. Well, do the same to your bestie. Whenever he/she is speaking, interrupt him/her and correct his/her grammatical errors. This thing will surely get on his/her nerves.

Stare at his or her phone screen

You might have seen many people on public transport staring at your phone and this is so annoying. So, next time when your bestie is texting in front of you, just stare at his/her phone continuously. He/she will be so annoyed.

Eat all the food from his or her plate

When you guys are planning on ordering some food, tell him that you don’t want anything. When the food arrives, ask him/her if you can taste his food. Take a bite and don’t stop, eat all of it. This is the best way. He or she will have to place another order.

Go against THE Bro-code

If you have a bro-code with your bestie to not date people he/she likes, then here is your cue. Just tell him/her that you are dating the person he/she likes currently. Trust me, you will be able to see the rage. Seriously though, don’t break the bro-code. (Bro being gender-neutral)

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Post weird pictures on social media

Continuously take pictures of your best friend with him/her making weird faces and poses. post them on social media. Trust me this will annoy anyone. Delete it later. Don’t keep them forever.

Give him or her a 3 a.m. phone call

Call your bestie at 3 AM in the morning and talk to him/her about random stuff. Do not let him/her hang up the call for at least 30 minutes. He/she will be so annoyed, and you might end up not sleeping all night.

Set random alarms on his or her phone

Take your bestie’s phone when he/she is not around and set alarms at random times like at 5 AM in the morning or maybe 02:20 AM. The alarm will go off when he/she is sleeping peacefully, and trust me, this will annoy the hell out of him/her.


Whenever you are texting your best friend, type everything in uppercase and he or she will be so annoyed. Trust me, he/she will go offline or might never text you.

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