How To Reduce Noise In My Home

We have all had to deal with a noisy living situation at some point in our lives. Either we have lived near a noisy street intersection, or you have insufferable neighbours who find it appropriate to blast loud music at all the wrong times of the day. 

There is nothing worse than coming back home from a long exhausting day of work only to find that your neighbours’ kids are on their third tantrum of the day, or to find that your heavy footed neighbour is rearranging their furniture…. again.  

At times like this you really start to question every decision you have made that led you to find your current living accomodations. 

You might have already started looking into sound proofing your apartment. If you have, then you would already know that some of the problem areas of one’s house tends to be the windows, ceilings and the doors. 

it’ s easy to get mixed up over terminology. Most of the time, when people think of sound proofing a house they end up making a space sound absorbing. This doesn’t help to reduce the sound from coming into the space, but now the sound gets trapped INTO the house. 

The objective is to reduce the sound in your space by creating a barrier between you and the source of the sound. The barrier could be insulated with sound absorbing materials or be kept in the vacuum as vacuum doesn’t carry any sound waves. 

Best Ways to Soundproof a Living Space in 2021.

There are a few factors that one need to keep in mind while keeping an eye out for sound dampening products. First of all it is important to look at the absorption capacity of the material. And then it is also important to look at what the material is insulated with.

The process of decoupling is also very efficient at keeping sound at bay. Decoupling is a process by which the two layers of architecture materials are erected and the middle space is kept hollow. 

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There are a lot of materials out there in the market today to help out with sound proofing a house, let’s look at some of the goods and products below. 

1. Best Acoustic Foam (Foamily)

If you have ever looked into soundproofing a small room or studio space before, chances are you have heard of foamily. 

Foamily comes in a pack of 12 high quality acoustic panels and is best suited to soundproof a closed off living accommodation.

1. The best thing about Foamily is that they come in a variety of colours and beat the old default acoustic panellings that only come in black. 

2. The product is also fire retardant and made from very high quality NRC. The material is one inch in thickness. The product can be installed both in the ceiling and the walls.

Let us now look at some of the pros and cons of this product.

1. At this price range, you get a lot of the panels.

2. The material is rated really high in the NRC index, this means that the product is very efficient at blocking out noise and cancelling out reverb.

3. There are also a lot of funky, functional shapes to choose from!
1. The product is not self adhesive, the company instructions recommend that you mount the product with spray glue or Neofix tape.

2. The individual tile size of the Foamily Acoustic panels is 1 by 1 foot, this means that you will need at least 24 tiles to cover a decent portion of a room.

2. Nicetown Blackout Curtains

As we discussed earlier some of the biggest problems when it comes to noise are busy roads. You could be living on the intersection of some of the busiest roads, it is irrational of you to sacrifice on peace and quiet just because of your living situation. 

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Well the Nicetown company believes that one should be able to live in utter bliss and quiet without having to sacrifice on style.

The Nicetown Blackout Curtains are elegant and multifunctional. The Nicetown Blackout Curtain is made with state of the art craftsmanship and comes laden with features.

1. The curtains have three layers, the second layer of the curtains are made from sound wave absorbing materials. The company claims that the curtains can block out harsh morning light and the loud outside sounds.

2. The Nicetown Blackout curtains have a range of gorgeous designs.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this product:-

1. The curtains are made with three layers of sound deadening, light blocking materials.

2. The designs of these curtains will suit any aesthetic and any household. 

3. The curtains can also work as thermal insulation. 

4. If you are a household that spends on heating, the blackout curtains can be a great investment towards preventing heat loss and are thus energy efficient.
1. The curtains are slightly on the pricier side.

3. Audimute Soundproof Blankets

If you are someone who is looking to soundproof a space without necessarily using big bulky acoustic panels, then soundproof blankets can be the next best thing.

The Audimute soundproof blanket has a Noise Reflective index of 0.85. This means that the product is 85 percent efficient in absorbing sound and reflects back only 15 percent of the sound back to the environment.

Now let us look at some of the pros and cons of the Audimute Soundproof Blankets!

The Audimute Soundproof blanket that we have linked down below for you also has three metal grommets that help you hang the product up.1. All in all, the Audimute soundproof blanket is not as good as compared to a moving sheet, 

2. However the price is lower than a moving sheet and efficiently lowers sound in an environment.

4. Roxul Acoustic Mineral Wool Insulation

The most common complaints landlords receive are of their neighbours being too noisy. Now the reason why it is so easy to listen in on your neighbours is because the partitioning between two flats are usually thin and flimsy. 

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Because of the presence of thin walls, there is nothing acting as a barrier to shut off those sounds. Most people use Batt insulation between their dry walls to help act as a barrier. 

Batt insulations are made of either fibres, wood shavings or packed cotton. 

Today we will be talking about Roxul Acoustic Mineral Wool insulation. 

1. The product comes in a pack of 6 pieces, each sheet sizes are of 48*24*2 inches. 

2. The company claims that the product is hydrophobic, termite resistance and fire resistant. This product is loved by all professionals and mateur housebuilders alike. The best part is, this product can also be used interchangeably with acoustic panellings.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this product. 

1. The product offering is generous. 

2. The professional grade batt insulation is easy to use and install. 

3. The product is way more aesthetic than acoustic panellings.
1. The product falls slightly on the pricey side.

5. TMS Mass loaded Vinyl

We have discussed in our last article a number of ways on how to sound proof the interiors of a car, the best way to do it is by applying mass heavy matting. This method makes sure that there is a sound wave absorbing barrier between the passenger and the road. 

The same principle can now be applied to residential homes. 

The TMS brand of Mass Loaded Vinyl is amongst the best in the game. The product is thinner in material but works just as well as the traditional Vinyl Mass bearing Mats.

Now let us look at some of the pros and cons of the TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl;-

1. These vinyl sheets are made from premium quality goods. 

2. They are multifunctional and are effective for a number of uses

3. Now because of the flexibility of the product and because of its light weight in general, the product can be hung, fitted or glued on to surfaces.
1. The product is sort of small at only 10 by 4 of material.

The company recommends that you use this product on ceilings and walls where sound transfer is at their loudest. 

The last product we want to mention in this list is something that can be used in conjunction with the soundproofing materials mentioned above. 

6. Hy-Tech Thermal Solution Sound Deadener Paint

We know this might sound like a joke, but the efficiency of the Sound deadening Paint has been hailed long and wide.

1. This product claims to reduce noise by a whopping thirty percent. The application process of the Sound Deadening paint is identical to the process of applying normal paint. 

2. The logic behind this product is almost the same as the logic behind the Mass Bearing Mat; as long as there is a barrier against the sound and the person, the soundwaves will either be absorbed by the barrier or be reflected back to the noise source.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of what soundproofing a house means, you can use this guide to help you acquire the necessary goods to get you started on the journey of more restful sleeps and blissful households. 

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