10 Reasons Why Mamata Is The Best Chief Minister For West Bengal

The Chief Minister Elections for the state of West Bengal are looming. To be precise, the elections are scheduled to begin on the 27th of March and will end on the 2nd of May, 2021. With the onset of the summer of 2021, you must have noticed news channels and newspapers doing a wide set of analyses, predictions, and coverage about the West Bengal elections. Unless you have been living under a rock, you can witness the anticipation gearing for the elections with the sight of political rallies, campaigning, and jibes passed to and fro between the leaders of different political parties. Indian elections, whether state or central, have been marred with controversy. 

Why The Chief Minister Elections 2021 is Important For West Bengal and India?

While every party and their policy have their own flaws and setbacks, we must decide on who to choose to rule and represent the ideas of common people. As a part of a parliamentarian form of government, we elect ministers of legislative assemblies from our particular assembly who then go on to pick the chief minister. Formalities aside, we pretty much know from the beginning, who is going to contest from the seat of chief ministers. Their faces are printed on every poster and every graffiti on the streets.

The main competitors of this year are Mamata Banerjee, who has been the chief minister of West Bengal already for two terms, and BJP candidate Dilip Ghosh, Bengal BJP chief. Taking every detail and policy under introspection, we have decided that TMC’s slogan of ‘Bengal wants its own daughter’ stands tall, promising, and true. Let’s look at some of the reasons on Why Mamata is the best chief minister for West Bengal:

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1. Bengal’s Own Daughter:

To the people of Bengal, it is clear who the outsiders are. Bengal’s own daughter is not only a tactical quotation but also the truth. ‘Bangla Nijer Meyekei Chaye’ is the currently running theme of TMC and it’s working. Why? Because the history and tradition of West Bengal are different from the rest of the country. Why take a chance with someone you do not that someone whose work you are familiar with when it comes to taking as important a decision as choosing a chief minister of a state with than 9.03 crores people residing and working.

2. Policies Towards Poverty Eradication:

Especially during the pandemic, Mamata Banerjee and TMC’s welfare for the poor were led to testing. In the end, the results came out satisfactory. Poorer districts such as Purulia for instance was reached out by the current government of Mamata and the government-supported migrants when they returned from their work outside of West Bengal.

3. Policies Towards Job-Growth:

The prospects of jobs and employment have drastically improved over the decade of Mamata rule. Particularly for the previously downtrodden and disadvantaged classes such as SC, ST, and former Maoists. The problem of Maoists was huge previously, but the current government has managed to combat the same with precision and huge success through education and policies geared towards making skilled laborers. 

4. Industrial Policies:

Bengal is the gateway to East India and the government of Mamata has taken a huge advantage of the same. Connectivity of trade, market accessibility, and overall industrialization has massively increased in comparison to the past. The perception of Bengal has changed. What was once a cultural hub of India is advancing in industries and technology advancements too. 

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5. Combating Social Problems:

Laying out Mamata’s track records, we can incisively witness that her start in politics came from advocating against policies of then CPM rule, which hurt public welfare and sentiment. She has done the same even now. Her breakthrough in politics came from protesting against police brutality in Nandigram, and now she’s contesting her MLA seat from the very same place. 

6. Urbanization of Destitute Areas:

More than 35% of the state’s population resides in urban areas, and more than half of the population works in urban workplaces. A recent drive from the government of Mamata aims to make destitute areas urban through heavy investment and the introduction of infrastructure. If the development of wetlands in Kolkata is any example, you can expect to witness similar standards of improvement if Mamata stays in power as the Chief Minister. 

7. Infrastructure and Road-building Boost:

The infrastructure and road-building sectors and examples in the real world have all seriously boosted in the past couple of years under TMC. For instance, roads and buildings for workplaces have been built in districts like Purulia and Bankura to limit the distance traveled by people to fulfill the bare necessities in life efficiently. 

8. Bringing The Government To Poor:

Duare Sarkar, or what can be called as Government as people’s veranda is a relatively recent program launched by the Mamta Banerjee government. The program is a testament to Mamta’s promise to bring government to the poor and by far it is working. Poorer areas in every district have gained access to a local level of government where they can expect their problems and views to get heard and given a solution for the same. 

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9. Efforts To Combat Corruption:

Corruption which used to be a big problem in the social, economical, and political problems in India has gone down exponentially in the last couple of years since the Government of Mamta Banerjee came along. Every day numerous problem of corruption is addressed online or a person through the West Bengal government special wing to combat corruption, aptly named as Directorate of Anti Corruption Branch, West Bengal. 

10. Overall Works In The State:

Let us be blunt and agree, the condition of West Bengal has far been better than it was under communist rule by CPM. There are of course stains during the total time period of TMC being in power but after 36 years of communist rule, we finally bid adieu to the infinite number of strikes, poorer working conditions, corruption on a large scale, and more. 

While we do not conclude that this political situation is the one we deserve for the development of our state, this is definitely the best one we can choose from at present. The dream of Utopia is nonsensical and we have to live in the real world. Bengal culture is different from the rest of the world. It’s better to protect our traditions, way of life, and thinking from out-of-state influence by voting for someone we know and can identify with. 

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  1. What a great an insightful article! I’ll definitely take these points in consideration while deciding who to vote for in thee coming elections… Thanks sm

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