Updated: When is PUBG coming back in India?

Winner winner
Chicken dinner!!

Are you guys missing these words? Are you guys hoping to PUBG comeback?

Well, your wishes are going to come to reality soon. Are you guys excited with the comeback news of PUBG? So be prepared for the comeback. This comeback will be a grand comeback. Pubg will be back with a new Avatar, with new updates and even with more features. As per the news, PUBG is not likely to come back before March 2021.

PUBG Mobile game is no doubtedly one of the most popular and most played mobile games across the globe and especially in India. It was banned in India around September 2020 due to some unavoidable reasons. After the banned news spread there was a huge outcry from the PUBG lovers to unban it but the Indian government unheard it. Now the PUBG corporation has announced happily that PUBG will make a comeback after a heartbroken setback. But it depends on the Indian government to grant permission.

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Although the new version of PUBG Mobile India is censored. “Efforts from PUBG were made in the right earnest, but the situation is such that there has been no headwind or progress on the matter. We don’t see the game making a comeback in India for the next few months, at least not before March 2021. It’s unfortunate but everyone has to live with it,” a PUBG Corporation official was quoted as saying in a report by InsideSport.

The void left by PUBG Mobile was filled by the likes of Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire, ardent PUBG Mobile players have rooted for the new version, even though they will have to make do with censored elements in the game.

Why India banned PUBG mobile game?

PUBG has a huge fan base in India since its launch. It is the most popular game among youngsters. Both its main and lite version is popular and has thousands and thousands of users in India. On September 3, Indian Government banned the game under the Section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

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The app has engaged in activities prejudicial to integrity and security of India. This is the reason given by the Indian government on the ban of PUBG Mobile Game.

A report started showing up that PUBG Mobile games will tie-up with Reliance jio and Airtel to make a comeback, but nothing came out to be fruitful. A few days back PUBG corporation declared that PUBG Mobile game will come back soon with its new avatar.

What are the changes made in PUBG mobile?

The changes made especially for the Indian market include a virtual training ground setting, all characters will be fully clothed from the beginning of the game and the blood colour will be green instead of red. The company has also announced some restrictions on the game time to promote healthy gameplay habits among the young players.

Reactions from the gaming community?

As it’s in Indian subsidiary, the community is looking to hire over 100 employees who will look after and supervise especially in business, esports and game development.

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To the fund for PUBG corporation, India plans, Krafton Inc has announced that they will invest $100 million in the country. This fund will help to raise and run the esports events and tournaments.

The most important thing is PUBG Corporation has announced that privacy and security will take care as its top priority.

When will PUBG launch?

The exact launch has not been announced yet by the PUBG corporation for PUBG Mobile India. As per the current speculations, it is said that the game will be made available soon.

Will PUBG Mobile lite also come back?

PUBG Corporation has announced only the comeback of PUBG Mobile in India. It could be like that the company will first test the relaunch of PUBG Mobile and they may introduce the lite version of PUBG Mobile with apt. changes to it.

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