12 Reasons: Why to Use Telegram Instead of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp and Telegram are old and worthy rivals. WhatsApp is undoubtedly an amazing app and an indispensable part of our lives, all thanks to the network or connectivity it provides. But its competitor Telegram is also slowly and gradually gaining market share, mostly due to undue limitations put up by WhatsApp. You must have faced several limitations on WhatsApp like being unable to form a group of 1000s, send large files, etc. Telegram, on the other hand, removes all these limitations and provides outstanding features and services. Read on to find 12 amazing features of Telegram that will force you to consider switching from WhatsApp to Telegram:

1. Send Unlimited media without any limit on file size

WhatsApp limits its users as it allows only 30 photos or videos with a limit of a maximum of 16 MB to be sent at once. This makes it a tedious task when we need to send hundreds of photos with more than 16 MB via WhatsApp. Telegram removes this limitation and we can send hundreds of photos at once. Moreover, Telegram also offers unlimited file sharing with up to 2GB per file.

2. Send photos without compromising on quality

Sending photos on WhatsApp reduces their quality automatically. This is frustrating when we want the receiver to get the photos in original quality. Else, we need to send the photos in document format which takes up a lot of time. But with Telegram, we can easily choose if we want to reduce the quality or send it as an original image only.

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3. Enhanced privacy features and control on data

WhatsApp offers privacy but since it is a part of Meta (formerly Facebook), there are chances that it might be snooping on some of our activities. With the Secret Chat feature of Telegram, users can enhance their privacy level. Moreover, Telegram gives more control to users than WhatsApp.

4. Send messages without revealing your number

A simple message on WhatsApp means the other person will know your number and he/she can call you anytime. This is at times irritating! In Telegram, you can call and send messages without actually revealing your number. Let’s say you are added to a group. But you don’t want the members to know your contact number. So, this cool Telegram feature comes to your rescue then.

5. Add 20,000 members to a group

WhatsApp can have a maximum of 257 members. This creates trouble as we cannot make big groups when needed. Telegram allows us to make ‘Groups with up to 20,000 members’ and ‘Channels with no limit’. This is an important feature as it knocks down the boundaries set up by WhatsApp.

6. Freedom to join any public group

WhatsApp works on the closed groups feature. This is sometimes irritating as if you are added late to a group, you are unable to access any chat that took place before you were added. But Telegram offers the feature of open groups and channels where all the members can access any chat, anytime and even new members can access chats or messages in the group sent before they joined.

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7. Free unlimited storage feature

WhatsApp uploads chat to Google Drive which has a free plan limit of 15 GB only, exceeding which we may need to pay a monthly fee. In contrast to this, Telegram offers an unlimited server storage facility which is in itself a mind-blowing feature for tech-lovers. Just imagine, you can send all your photos, videos, files in your Saved Chats and access them anytime, anywhere.

8. Lesser server-down issues than WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently faced a few issues with its server down which led to the loss of crores of rupees for many. This raised questions about whether WhatsApp is even reliable. However, Telegram rarely faces such issues and till now runs very smoothly. So, if you are thinking of switching over to Telegram, consider this as a valid reason.

9. Find local groups and People Nearby you

The ‘Nearby People’ Feature is another amazing and cool feature of Telegram. With this feature, we can get to know who all are available on Telegram in our vicinity. Moreover, sometimes we crave for local groups like a group of the city or town we live in. With this feature, we can access nearby groups too!

10. Get routine work done with AI Bots 

Bots for Telegram are small programs that use AI and Machine Learning on a small level and can be embedded in Telegram chats or public channels to perform a specific function. This is probably the most unique and the best feature in Telegram. Telegram bots offer a variety of services like making a meme for free, checking the weather or playing a game.

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11. Schedule your important messages

How many times has it happened that we wanted to send a very important message at a particular time but forgot to do so just because it slipped out of our minds? Many times, I believe! Now, with the Schedule Send feature of Telegram, you don’t have to worry about time at all. Yes, you guessed it right. YOU CAN SCHEDULE YOUR MESSAGES! So, if someone has their birthday tomorrow, just schedule the message at 12 midnight and surprise them.

12. Add multiple profile photos

Did you ever wonder how cool it would be if we all could add multiple photos as our WhatsApp profile pic? Sadly, WhatsApp does not allow adding multiple profile photos. For those who haven’t used Telegram yet, it may seem a bit weird to them on hearing about multiple profile pics. But this is actually an amazing and distinguishing feature of Telegram.

If you think there is a feature which Telegram is also lacking, or if you have an entirely different opinion, let us know in the comments section below!

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