Top 10 Made in India Social Media Apps

Communication and entertainment are key aspects of the Internet. Communication has always been associated with the internet one way or the other. As the internet progressed, forums popped up where people would discuss different topics. Further, into the timeline, we witnessed the boom of social media such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Keeping on with the trend now we have short video sharing applications and websites. But few of these apps and websites were developed in India, so today we will see some of the most popular Made In India social media apps and websites.

10 Most Popular Developed in India Social Media Apps in 2021


Koo was launched in March 2020. It was developed by a Bengaluru based startup company. Koo is a social media app for microblogging. It is basically an alternative to Twitter. Koo provides a feature to post content in many Indian languages. Koo is developed under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat App challenge. Through this app, its users can post their content in their comfortable language. 

MX TakaTak

Taka Tak is an Indian app which is developed by a team of MX player developers. MX Taka Tak app is a social media platform where you can watch videos and share them with your friends.  Taka Tak is an alternative app of tiktok. You can watch different types of videos through this app such as comedy, drama, dance, dubbing, memes and more. 

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Moj is a very famous social media app in India. This app is the best alternative to the Chinese app TikTok. This app offers a variety of flitter and effects. You can use it to share and create videos. This app provides 15 different languages. This app allows short and slow-mo videos. This is an app where you find different types of videos like, dancing, dubbing, comedy and more. 


Chingari is an Indian social media app developed in 2018 that offers different features to share videos and funny content. This app allows you to connect with friends and you can also share videos. This app provides the availability of multiple local languages. Through this app, you can connect and interact with others. 

Namaste Bharat

Namaste Bharat is a great alternative to WhatsApp. The app was developed by a Bangalore based tech firm NxtGen. The app is one of the best Indian social media apps for interaction. The app also has a web app feature similar to that of WhatsApp. Users can share multiple types of files including PDFs, PPTs etc on the app.

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Ropsos was developed in India which allows video creation and sharing. This app offers to promote regional languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi and Assamese. This app is similar to Tiktok. This app provides different effects, stickers and flitters to create attractive videos. Through this app, you can create slow-mo videos with different editing features. 


ShareChat is an interesting app that covers different areas and great groups according to your personal interest. This app includes different types of groups such as English speaking, food lovers, Pubg gamers and many more. This app provides entertainment and knowledge at the same time. ShareChat offers the availability of 15 different Indian Languages. 


Mitro is a social media platform where you can watch different kinds of videos. This app is similar to TikTok. This app provides basic features and effects to create short videos. This is a social platform where you can share your skills and talent. This app is also known for comedy videos. After the ban of Chinese apps, this app got more reach and positive reviews from its users. 

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SquadCam is an innovative Indian social media app that provides the feature of photo sharing, short video editing, story and content sharing. This app offers free cloud storage, voice chats, video editing and photo editing. This app provides editing tools to create attractive and creative content. 


Changa is a famous app with more than 50k + downloads. This app was developed by a startup technology firm in Gurugram. This app is for entertainment and comedy videos. You can connect with different users and can share videos and jokes. This app offers a variety of features that helps its user to get attracted with this app.

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