Top 10 tips to get more likes on your Facebook profile picture in 2021

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, ask anyone. You can find every generation on this platform for personal as well as commercial use. Everyone wants to be famous on Facebook. Everyone wants to get popular and known. For this, they want engagement on their posts. To improve the reach of your profile and get more likes, comments, shares on your profile pic. Here we have some wonderful tips that will help you get more likes on your Facebook profile picture.

Use these 10 tips to get more likes on your Facebook display picture 

Choose the best time to upload

You clicked an amazing picture of yours and uploaded it to share with your friends. But your facebook friends were not live at that time. So they missed it and you didn’t get likes or comments on your picture. It is very important to upload a picture at the best time so that more people will like it. According to research, Friday evening is the best time to upload your picture. There is a 78% chance you will get more likes than any other time. 

Do not reply to comment too fast

We all know it is a way of showing gratitude to reply on time. But if you reply to your comments too fast, it feels like you’re desperate and impatient. Wait 2-3 hours and then apply your comments. You should have some patience. Replying after 2-3 hours can maintain a sense of interaction more and build an active chain.

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Don’t forget to tag yourself. 

It is an amazing tip to attract people to your profile pic and feed. Many people do not tag themselves; they feel a little odd. But there are many advantages to tagging yourself. If you will tag yourself in your profile picture and your feed will be activated automatically. But this way you can get more likes from your friends who have missed before. 

You can reupload the same profile picture

Reupload the same profile picture? Why? Is it a good tip? The answer is yes. It is a good technique. You can use the technique of reuploading and readjusting the same profile pic. By this technique you can get more likes on the same profile pic. also you can get more likes from your friends who you missed to like your picture. People will pay attention to the same profile picture. 

Keep your profile picture public

But technically profile pic is already shown publicly? Yes, it is. But you also have to change the setting so that anyone can like your picture of those who aren’t on your friends’ list. This will increase your likes on your profile picture. There are many people who search your profile everyday. By this change in settings you can maximum like your profile pic. 

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Location is very important 

Add location to your pic. Location can boost the picture. Travellers can generally get more likes because the location attracts the people most. If you add location it will boost your picture. Location matters a lot. For example if you have clicked one picture in your room and another is clicked in Ladakh, you will get more likes on the second picture for sure. 

Write a nice caption

As your location is important in your picture, similarly your caption matters a lot. Caption gives a direction to your pictures. It shows your personality and attitude. People will judge on the basis of your caption. Write a good caption and select your words wisely. Usually funny captions get more likes and sad captions. 

Do not edit your post again and again

We know social media introduces filters but it is not necessary to use a lot of editing and flitter in your profile picture. If you will use a lot of editing and filters it will look good and your image will look totally fake. Users can use editing but not too much. For example you can use black and white effects but do not use 3-4 effects in one picture.

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Try to smile openly

People look nice when they smile but many will smile without opening their mouths which looks odd. Try to open your mouth while smiling. This gives a natural effect in your picture and you will look great. People will like more if you will smile by showing your teeth as compared to the other. 

Group picture 

You can also upload a group picture in your profile photo so that you can tag your friends as well. By this technique you can get a lot of likes. Through this technique you can get likes from your friend’s friends and this will boost your profile picture. This tip makes you more popular.

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