Sonu Sood enters into a new mission to remove the monkey

Sonu Sood, the new “Messiah” of our India is called for help via Twitter. A netizen residing in Ramkola village in Uttar Pradesh shared a post on Twitter where he requested Sonu Sood to take some action against the monkey.

In the village of Uttar Pradesh, a monkey is creating a menace for many days. The entire village is under great threat as the animal has already caused damage to the villagers. Around 20-25 people were badly injured and the rest of the village is already tensed with the issue. In the tweet shared by a villager named, Basu Gupta, he requested Sonu Sood to send the monkey to the forest.

As a matter of proof, Basu even attached a piece of the news from the Hindi newspaper. It was clearly stated that due to this black monkey, the villagers are not able to come out of their house. It is creating difficulty in their daily chores and their work-life is also getting hampered. The monkey has already bitten more than 20 people in the area and thus, the residents want its instant catchup.

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During the time of lockdown, Sonu Sood has helped numerous migrants to reach their respective houses. Not only this, he has always stood forward to tackle the problems of the citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the nation to remain lock with their own house, but Sonu came forward to distribute face shields and medical facilities. The nation has bestowed him with some titles including “real-life hero” or messiah after he opened his charitable ventures to help the needy. As a reply to the tweet, he mockingly said that this was only left to be done and now he is all ready to enter into this new work of removing the monkey from the village.

Although Sonu never wanted to be called as “Messiah” and he believes that he is just performing his daily duty. But still, some of his charitable work went viral which has further raised his position in the eyes of his fans.

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People without a second thought requested help through their social media handles including Instagram and Twitter. Some of the requests were too lame still they received his reply. Just like, one netizen requested for a car and another one for PlayStations. But, each time Sonu came up with some interesting and funny reply which even provoked Basu Gupta to seek his help.

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