Sonu Sood Addresses the Frauds; Promises Respectable Jobs to Everybody in Need

During lockdown, Sonu Sood had been helping out all the people in need. He has been acting as a real life hero and a messiah for all the common people. The corona virus had made life difficult for so many people and when the lockdown started, it was more challenging for the people. This is when the real life hero came to the rescue.

But a few people had started cheating in the name of Sonu Sood. The poor are getting robbed as a result. A similar incident had happened in Telangana and Sonu Sood had addressed all these fraudsters.

He had told the media that nobody can be actually happy by cheating others. And moreover, when it comes to the poor that they are cheating, it is a huge sin and can never be forgiven. This should serve as a warning to all the people who had cheated earlier. They are ought to get caught at some point or the other. He also added that, if these people are cheating others for the lack of money, they should rather come to him and he would give them a respectable job. He told them that they shouldn’t try making money by cheating other people.

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Sonu Sood doesn’t want that poor people to be killed by his name. He tries to save the lives of numerous people without wanting anything in return but it is very hurtful when people are cheating in turn by using his name. he is very disappointed in these people and wants this situation to change.

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