Salman Khan shares vote of thanks; finally exempt from “Blackbuck poaching case”

Thursday, 11th February 2021 is one of the biggest days for our Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan. Dabangg actor took to his Twitter handle to express his regards and gratitude to all his supporters. The post came just after Jodhpur District and Session Courts discharged the petition related to the “blackbuck poaching case”.

According to Section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act issued by the Indian constitution, Salman Khan was charged for illegally hunting a couple of chinkaras also known as Indian Gazelle. The whole incident took place in September 1998 and since then he was charged under this. According to the earlier report, the Bigg Boss host poached two chinkaras in the Bhawad area on the 26th and 27th of September while on the 28th of that month, he went hunting another one in Mathania.

After attending as well as rejecting many court sessions, finally, the Jodhpur District and Session Courts rejected the claim made by the Rajasthan government. Under the petition put forward by the Rajasthan government, Salman Khan was alleged for submitting a false affidavit linked to the Arms Act. According to Salman Khan, his arms license was lost but later on, it was revealed that he has submitted his license for its renewal.

Not only this, he was charged for another false claim which is related to his attending the court session. As per his words, he could not able to attend the court hearing just because of his extreme pain in his ears. The PIL however stated that he was seen present in his ongoing shoots.

Raghavendra Kachwal was the judge who smashed the petitions against Salman Khan. Around Thursday afternoon, he cleared out that the PIL is based on no hard truth and thus holds little facts. Meanwhile, Hastimal Saraswat who was representing Salman proudly shared to ANI that they already knew they did not submit anything false and thus Salman was unnecessarily harassed for so long. Dabangg actor who was attending the whole meeting from his home itself felt delighted with the news.

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Just after few hours, Salman shared the good news with his fans via Twitter. The Thursday night, his Twitter got filled with tons of good wishes and supports from all over the world. He posted a picture of himself wearing a black blazer along with that he shared his token of love to all his followers for always bestowing their love to him.

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