10 Qualities of Being a Good Mother: How to Be a Good Mother

A mother is someone who we all rely upon for everything in our lives. She gives birth to us, and introduces us to this world, more like introduces the world to us. She is the person who cares the most about us. She is a person whose happiness and sorrow depends on ours. No one can take a mother’s place.

10 qualities that make a good mother.


Having patience  is the most important quality of a mother. Learning something new is very subjective and it depends and varies from kid to kid. So, having some patience and giving the child the sufficient time to learn and understand some things is very important.


This goes without saying. The definition of mother revolves around this word. Love is the best gift someone can give and receive. The amount of love a mother gives to a child is the amount of love she will receive. 


A mother should be a person with whom a child can share anything and everything in the world. But this doesn’t happen quite often.For this to happen, a mother should reassure the child that she is understanding and she won’t be judgemental. She should create a safe environment for the child for them to be open and happy.

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A mother should always be a good inspiration, a guide, a good example and a mentor to the kids. KIds, while growing up, see and learn from their parents. So, how the parents act , behave, respect themselves, each other and everyone around them really influences how the kid can turn out to be. SO, it’s important for the mother to help and guide her kid towards glory.


A kid, of early age craves and needs attention from his/her parents. It’s a part of growing up. Everybody wants their mother’s attention when they are happy, sad, excited, or confused. A kid really likes it when they are prioritized and paid attention to. 


Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and that is how we learn and grow.  But, if we have a person in our life who can be supportive and present through every step and phase of our lives even when we are not so sure about what we are doing, even when we know we will fail, even failure doesn’t feel so bad. A good mother is always supportive. 

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A Good Friend 

A mother who can also be a good friend is probably the best mother and the best friend somebody can have. When a mother spends more time with her child, plays and has fun,the kid not only learns good manners but appreciates the role of the mother a little bit more. Because children love spending time with their parents, it helps them grow into the best versions of themselves.

Setting Boundaries

No matter how friendly and lenient a mother is, it is really important and crucial for a mother to have firm rules and boundaries that are not flexible. Children learn whatever they are taught. So, it is important to set rules, as they need to be taught what they can do and they can’t. Discipline is important for growth and development and setting rules can help.


Every child makes mistakes while learning and a mother should be ever forgiving and that is how the child will learn to forgive others and themselves in the future. Mother’s should teach that there are no perfect people, and everybody should try to be the perfect version of themselves. 

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Generally, people assume that a mother can only be sensitive , nourishing and caring. Yes, she can be all those things, but first and foremost, a mother is strong and bold. So, a mother should fuel her inner strengths, and be a rock that a child can rely upon. That is how the child will learn to be strong. 

The Holy Bible says, that “She (mother) opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue”. [Proverbs 31:26]

No matter what religion we all come from ,no one can deny that a mother is a superior form of humanity , as she will always be ready to do anything and everything to keep her child safe and happy. No one can take her place and her heart is a home we will always have whenever we are low, or sad and her arms are the temple we’ll always have when we are going through tough times.

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