Top 11 Most Hated Countries in The World in 2021 [Updated]

You must have heard that reputation holds in the hands of the beholder. Some countries hold great reputations around the world while the others; not as much. Some countries are loved unanimously by all countries while some others are collectively loathed without blinking an eye. There lie various reasons behind the hatred towards certain countries. The foremost reason being the country’s government policies. Terrorism, internal conflicts, invasion on other countries, compromised human rights, hereditary conflicts can all be contributors. In this article, we talk about the list of 11 most disrepute and disliked countries of the world with reasons in 2021.


The hatred towards China is deemed universal, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. China constantly attempts to gain control over the South China Sea. It bullies neighboring countries like Bhutan by creating fake land border disputes like the Sakteng wildlife sanctuary dispute. China’s large-scale illegal monster fishing fleets have led to overexploitation of sea resources, leading to huge economic and environmental losses. They have also been accused of debt trapping and intervening in internal matters of countries like Nepal. China has used their coronavirus vaccines as a weapon to blackmail countries into siding with their motives. China’s Human Rights are heavily compromised with no freedom of speech or assembly. It has been accused of killing its Uyghur Muslims and also has the most active death penalty. They bully the country of Taiwan everyday. Also, China is the first country to provide $31 million aid to Taliban.


The USA is hated by its inhabitants and the outside world for its savior complex in view of its foreign policy and its interference into the internal matters of other nations. Its involvement with countries like Syria and Afghanistan to curb terrorism killed many innocent people. Hatred for the USA increased after Joe Biden, President of the USA, announced an evacuation of it’s military and the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Issues like white supremacy, racial discrimination, hate crimes, and gun culture have tainted the USA’s image. The US is also envied for the freedom enjoyed by its citizens.

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Russia is primarily hated by members of the Soviet Union for its attempts to control and overpower neighboring countries. Russia and Ukraine have a longstanding enmity because of Russia’s attempts at annexing the country. Russia is infamous for meddling in the affairs of other countries and running secretive military operations leading to distrust from other nations. Russia and the United States being superpowers have been contemporaries and long-term foes since the cold war.

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Pakistan has garnered a lot of ire for grave human rights violations and harboring terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. Its association with the Taliban, who they consider their guardian, has promoted instability in Afghanistan. It provides refuge to hundreds of UN-listed terrorists. Pakistan is also infamous for its religious intolerance. It has engaged in forced conversions of religious minorities like Hindus and Christians using brutal power tactics and destruction of Hindu temples. It is the sole nuclear power among Muslim countries and has made headlines for smuggling nuclear weapons to countries like North Korea and also threatening countries with nuclear war. They have been forcefully using child soldiers, causing alarm among other nations. After USA evacuation, Pakistan helped Talibani terrorists to recapture Afghanistan.


After the Pakistan and China backed Taliban terrorist group recaptured the country of Afghanistan on 15th August 2021. They implemented Shariya law in the country. They killed millions of people who are against them. Girls in Afghanistan are now not allowed go school, they will have to cover their whole body; they can’t go outside their home alone.

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The hatred for Israel is political and religious. The Israel-Palestine conflict between the Jews and Arabs has been one of the longest conflicts in the world. It has led to massive bloodshed and human rights violations by both countries. The terrorism and the subsequent blame games between the two religious communities have killed several innocent civilians.


Many countries love to hate France because of its colonial past. The disastrous effects of nuclear testing at French Polynesia, the subsequent hiding of statistics, and poor damage control were a black mark on the country’s reputation. France had prior knowledge of the Rwanda genocide but did nothing to prevent it. Muslims were miffed when Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine published cartoons of the prophet which was also defended by the president. The presence of French troops in other countries like Mali has invited the wrath of the locals of these countries.


The constant tussles between the Iraqi government and ISIS have severely paralyzed the country beyond repair. It is a high-profile war zone with people living in constant fear of bloodshed and death. It has cemented itself as one of the most ruthless countries by scapegoating millions of innocent civilians for its ulterior motives. The government has been forcefully recruiting child soldiers and giving no heed to human lives, let alone human rights.

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In spite of having a fascinating history, the instability of Iran makes it one of the most hated countries in the world. The nuclear programs that test ballistic missiles have been a cause of alarm among leaders worldwide. The government laying a breeding ground for terrorism and funding violent militia groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and its thriving nuclear programs have instilled fear among other countries. Iran represses human rights and also enforces severe and inhuman means of punishment.

North Korea

The internal matters of North Korea are highly secretive. The country has the worst human rights record in the world. The repressive government led by Kim Jong Un curtails all the basic rights of the people including freedom of expression, movement, independent media, and information. The civilians are barred from maintaining any ties outside the country. It has an ever-flourishing arsenal of nuclear weapons that pose a huge threat to the rest of the world.


The Turkish extremist president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan converting the Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque has created a furore among religious sects. Turkey has been accused of encouraging terrorism and shipping Jihadist Mercenaries to various countries. It has also given citizenship and passports to the Hamas operatives, being a bone of contention with other countries under threat from these terrorist organizations. Turkey’s lapses in human rights and soured relationship with the US has upped its hatred quotient. Turkey also bully its neighboring countries like China.

These countries lie in the list of the most hated countries of the world. But let’s hope for a better tomorrow for people of these countries so that they can witness the sun of a new day. More empowerment to them!

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