Top 10 Most Hated (Disliked) Countries in The World in 2021

You must have heard that reputation holds in the hands of the beholder. Throughout history we have learnt that some countries were allies with some countries while the other countries were considered enemies by them. And vice versa. Hence, some countries hold great reputations around the world while the others; not as much. Like this, some countries are loved by all the countries and on the other hand, some countries are loathed by the rest.

There lie various reasons behind the hatred towards these specific countries. The foremost and most important one is terrorism. Others can be internal conflicts, invasion of immigrants of those countries, improper constitution of human rights by the governments of those countries, hereditary conflicts and many more. In this article we will talk about 10 such most hated countries of the world recognized by the Reputation Institute.

List of 10 Most Disrepute Countries of the World in 2021


The main reason behind the destruction of this country is the constant conflict between the government and ISIS. It is not so surprising to find Iraq in the first place among the most hated countries of the world due to its extremely high-profile war zone. The major reasons between Iraq being one of the most hated countries in the world are; the destruction of the civilians’ homes and looting carried on by the Government, extreme abuse by the Government soldiers, and appointing child soldiers.

Most criticized Countries In The World iran and iraq


In spite of having a fascinating history, the instability of Iraq makes it one of the most hated countries of the world. Did you know that the Government of Iran still chooses to punish the accused by death penalties? In addition to this, the nuclear programs that tests ballistic missiles are alarming to the leaders worldwide as well as the funding run by the government to form violent militia groups.

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Pakistan ranks third among the most hated countries in the world. It is the only Muslim country with that acquires nuclear power. This country is home for 100+ UN designated terrorists. According to the Human Rights Watch, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and their associates conducts violent military killings by the bombings conducted at courts and mosques as well. This is why Pakistan is one of the most hated countries in the world.

Most criticized Countries In The World Pakistan and Nigeria


Nigeria, which is the populous country of Africa is one of the most hated countries of the world. Nigeria is disrepute for its corruption and the public officials are known to take bribes quite frequently. The Ebola outbreak and the rise of the Boko Haram terrorist group added to the wreckage of its reputation further. The girls and women are devoid of any protection and suffer rape and severe sexual exploitation.

Saudi Arabia

The exploitation and oppression towards women is the most important reason behind this country being one of the most hated countries of the world. This cruel attitude towards women is age old and it is quite recent that this conservative government has allowed women to drive.

Most hated Countries In The World algeria and saudi arabia


The long history of war as well as the violation of Human Rights are the main reasons behind Algeria being one of the most hated countries in the world. Another reason is the brutal civil war conducted by the Government which led to the mass killing of thousands of citizens.


The massive drug trades along with the crime associated with it are some of the main reasons behind Columbia being one of the most hated countries of the world.

Most hated Countries In The World russia and colombia


Russia is widely criticized for its Human Rights violation including its treatment of the LGBTQ community. Homosexuality was considered as a mental illness till the year 1999. Recently a new law has been passed against the gay propaganda and is intolerant towards crimes against homosexual, bisexual and transgender citizens.

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The hatred towards is almost universal. Chinese nationalism is growing and China still claims the assertion of the South China Sea. These factors have led to the formation of the dispute with the U.S. The Human Rights Watch has criticized China’s Human Rights violation that includes freedom of speech, association and religion.

Most hated Countries In The World china and turkey


The extreme exploitation and violation of Human Rights is the main reason behind Turkey ranking tenth among the most hated countries of the world. The law is also corrupted. Government can confiscate property, dismiss public employees without proper investigation and can also hold people in custody for up to 30 days.

These countries lie in the list of the most hated countries of the world. But we should also remember that it’s the government at fault here. NOT the people. So, let’s hope for a better tomorrow for these countries so that they can witness the sun of a new day. More empowerment to them!


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