10 Ways To Monetise a Website in 2021

Money is happiness! Not just blog but also you can create forum site or a free online tool site and monetise it… online tools are called money making machines you don’t need to work on content writing. You can use multiple ways to monetise your website. 

1. Google Adsense or It’s Alternative

Google adsense is the most popular way to monetise a website. According to wikipedia, over 38.3 million websites are currently using google adsense. It is one of the easiest ways to monetise a website. If you are seeing ads on our website, we are using google adsense. But in some cases google rejects adsense applications so there are alternatives that you can join. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, if you are familiar with this term then you probably know about amazon associate program. Yes, we get commission when someone buys a product recommended by us on our website. There are many affiliate programs not just amazon associate programs you can join and promote their products on your website and monetise your website. You can join affiliate marketing networks like cj and clickbank.

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3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are like any individual or company can approach you to publish content on your website about them.

4. Paid Product Reviews

Paid product reviews, companies approach you and ask you to write product reviews about their product and they pay you for that. Such requests are not easy to get, you need to have a huge traffic or audience base.

5. Selling Ad Space

This is actually similar to google adsense but the only difference is there google is a 3rd party which works as a bridge but here clients can directly approach you .

6. Donation-Based Monetization

You can also ask your regular readers for donations and can offer premium content, 

7. Sell ebook

If you are good at something you can create an ebook and sell it to your reader. 

8. Flip Websites

This is a 2 way road, buy and sell. Website flipping is a money making opportunity for online entrepreneurs. You need to have good knowledge about websites. If you want to buy and sell websites but if you don’t have enough knowledge then you can create a profitable website from scratch and sell them on marketplaces like Microacquire or flippa.

9. Offer Consultation

Again if you have an educational blog, then you organically without investing much on ads get leads from clients. You can monetise your blog using ad networks like adsense and also offer consultation to your reader.

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10. Sell a product (digital or physical)

You can have an ecommerce website, there are alot of product you can sell. As i mentioned earlier you can use multiple ways to monetise your website. If you have a blog on fashion niche you can sell fashion related products to your audience. It is actually a cheaper way to promote your product. 

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