Messiah showers blessings again, Sonu Sood extends help to the victim of Uttarakhand glacier burst.

When one door closes, another one opens. Hope never fades away. This time hope came in the form of an actor, Sonu Sood. Bollywood actor took a step forward to help a family in need. In uttarakhand glacier burst many families lost their loved ones. Some people had the only family member, deceased in flash flood, supporting two their time’s meal. One such unfortunate family was of a 45 year old man. Alam Singh Pundir, an electrician in Ritvik company, who was working in the tunnel at the time of the flash flood.

The land of gods witnessed heart wrenching pain when suddenly an avalanche swept away many innocent lives. 

On Sunday morning February 7, when people in other parts of the world were enjoying the weekend, people of “Chamoli” Uttarakhand were petrified witnessing the massive glacier outburst. A portion of Nanda Devi Glacier broke off and the chunks of glacier increased the pressure of the water in glacier lake. This resulted in a flash flood engulfing everything that came across its way. The avalanche disturbed the Dhauliganga and Alaknanda river system, rapidly increasing the water level. There were hydropower projects (Rishi Ganga Project and Tapovan Vishnugad) under construction near the glacier.

The flash flood completely destroyed the projects and moreover was responsible for the massive death toll of the labourers working nearby. Still remaining on the headlines is the 2.5 km long Tapovan hydel project tunnel, that was filled with slush and debris that came along with the flood water.

Alam Singh was amongst the labourers who were working in the tunnel at the time of the glacier burst and lost their life in this tragedy. His family is a resident of a village in Tehri District. He has four daughters aged 14, 11, 8 and 2. Sonu Sood and his team reached the family to console for their loss and adopted the family to support and raise the kids. He will take full responsibility of the education and marriage, and will support all family needs.

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Sonu Sood received blessings and respect worldwide for his brave actions during COVID-19 pandemic, helping families in need and arranging safe travels to their respective homes. Now his amazing gesture of coming forward to help the mourning family. He has shown act of bravery and humanity by coming forward when everyone is busy debating the situation. Sonu Sood says it’s the responsibility of every citizen to come forward and help the needy. Good actions never fade just like the ray of hope.

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