Man Asks Woman To Sleep With Him In Exchange Of Oxygen Cylinder.

Due to the acute shortage of oxygen along with a rise in the number of COVID-19  cases, many have taken the help of social media in search of resources. People have used the internet to find leads starting from ICU beds to oxygen cylinders. Thus, people have taken refuge of these social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, to save the lives of their loved ones.

While the internet is filled with messages of people helping one another, on the other hand some people are using this to take undue advantage of others. Can you imagine somebody asking a woman to sleep with him in exchange for providing her with an essential resource in these crucial times? Well, this is exactly what happened two days prior.

This is disturbing at so many different levels that brings us to question humanity. 

A similar incident occurred in Delhi where oxygen cylinders are in shortage due to the hoarding of oxygen cylinders as well as the black-marketing and over charging for the same. This incident has surged a huge wave of shock through Twitter after the news of a person asking for sexual favors in return for providing oxygen cylinders for her ailing father. 

“My friend’s sister was asked by a neighbor in an elite colony to sleep with him for an oxygen cylinder that she desperately needed for her father,” the Delhi-based Twitter user alleged. After reading her tweet, netizens expressed their outrage and urged the woman to file a complaint against the accused.  

This is sad for all of us since in this pandemic situation we do not know if we will be next in prey for these predators. Even then people will come and try to debate upon ‘not all men’. When will it come to an end then? Until the time it is ‘every man’? and till now if we are questioning this, we will be told to ‘stop complaining and start working’. Is this fair?

And remember that, it is not the only incident. Women volunteers have to face similar situations everyday on a daily basis. There are hundreds of complaints which remain unresolved till date.

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