How to Start a Food Truck Business in India 2021: Step by Step Guide

The food truck business is an amazing concept which offers food items in simple trucks. It is a kind of mini restaurant and the best part is that it’s moveable. You can start a food business with less investment by this great concept. You can start this amazing your own food truck business with 11 simple steps.

1. Licence & Permits

Most of us when starting a business cares most about certificates but it is not the primary thing. You can apply after a week in the Municipal Corporation. They will come and see your spot and approve. (depending upon the state or place you are located- Food License from FSSAI, Eating house license, Fire Department, NOC from RTO).

2. Spot

The spot is the most important thing to decide what would be the best place for your food truck business. Although a Food truck is transportable, you still need to figure out a place where you can run your business. Your customers will stay in one place only if they do not move to different places along with your Food Truck. 

3. Decide The Menu

Your menu is one of the most important things. Many things will depend upon your menu. Your customers will depend upon your menu. Kitchen equipment, Truck size, helping hand, truck driver and other things will completely depend upon your menu dishes. You have to decide the menu according to the demands but if you want to stand then decide something new. You can also give unique names to those dishes.

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4. Chef

Selecting and hiring a chef is not easy. You have to hire a chef for your food truck business. But never depend on them totally, there can be chances of some emergency where he can’t be able to handle the Food Truck and they can betray you anytime. You should be careful. They will charge around 750 per day. You should try to hire someone who makes a monthly salary. 

5. Rent a Place to Park Your Truck

You have to buy or rent any place to park your Food Truck so that you can do the post and pre-production work for the business. You have a place to park your food truck after your work. You have to be very careful before renting a place. Because there is a very high risk of robbery of the truck as well as expensive equipment inside the food trunk. You have to rent a safe and secure place. 

6. Driver If You Don’t Know How to Drive

You have to hire a permanent driver for your food truck in case you don’t know how to drive and if you are the chef of the food truck so that you can concentrate on cooking while the driver can handle the driving. If you know driving a truck then you need not hire a driver. But think wisely if you can drive a Food Truck with heavy equipment inside. 

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7. Food Truck

You have to buy or rent a Food truck to start your business. If you have a truck it is very beneficial for you but if not it is better to rent a truck rather than buying. You are investing in a new business so it is better to invest less. You should be careful in the process of buying or renting a truck, firstly check it properly including engine and space. After that make it and convert it according to your need. 

8. Kitchen Equipment

You have to rent equipment and furniture for the food truck. You have to buy or rent utensils, cylinders and a refrigerator. If you rent a car and utensils with 2 gas cylinders it will cost around 11k per month and also they take advance deposit money of 2-3 months. The costing will vary according to brand and place. But buying or renting totally depends upon your budget. 

9. Grocery Item

You have to buy grocery items for your Food Truck. It should be better if you do not buy items in bulk because grocery items have short expiry dates or they will degrade fast such as vegetables, fruits, etc. Once your business has settled you can buy the items in bulk according to your usage. 

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10. Packing Items

Packaging attracts the customers the most. You should think about packaging items so that you can pack the food items and give them to your customers. The packing item should be disposable and hygienic. It would be better if you will avoid plastic items. Nowadays customers prefer paper plates over plastic plates. 

11. Helping Hand to Serve

It is good if you are a multitasker but it would be better if you have a helping hand. You can hire a servant or helping hand to serve the food to the customers and help you in cooking as well. A helper can help you so much because there is a lot of work upon a single person, so it would be better if you have a helping hand with you.

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