How to Play Games on WhatsApp in 2022?

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps available in today’s era. But what very few know is WhatsApp is a superb platform for playing games too. The best feature which most of the users like in WhatsApp is- It is simple to access. And this is what makes WhatsApp the best platform to try out crazy games with your friends and soulmates. Here are the different ways in which you can play games on WhatsApp:

1. Games via Text

Text messages need not always be boring. You can actually have fun with text messages on WhatsApp. You can play different games like Truth & Dare, Tell me Something, etc. on WhatsApp. This helps in creating a bond with the person you are playing. Also, if you have a group of your friends, you can think of a game among yourselves that can be played over WhatsApp texts. Use this trick to send message on WhatsApp without typing or touching your phone screen.

2. Games via Status

WhatsApp status is meant not just for posting stories on birthdays and celebrations. It is definitely more than that. You can ask tricky questions on your WhatsApp status which your friends can reply to. If their answer or guess is incorrect, you can ask them to share the same puzzle in their Status. Then, the chain will go on and on and on.

3.  Video calls

Video calls through WhatsApp are still the easiest and most accessible feature. You can actually play with your family over video calls. For example, ask your sibling to make faces or play a game of ‘reading faces’ where you will have to read your sibling’s mind based on his/her expressions. Also please keep your safety and privacy top priority during online gaming. Read our how to secure your WhatsApp account.

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4. Changing ‘About’ Section

‘About’ section in WhatsApp is meant to write something about yourself. But rarely does anyone use it for what it was actually meant. Mostly, it is filled with some thought provoking quotes or emojis. But there is another creative way to use this. You can add some most used words of your friends or partner in the About section, and then irritate them. Or, you can ask other friends to guess the person from the words you add in you About section.

5. Sticker Fight

Stickers are the soul of WhatsApp. They make chats lively and interactive. But you can also play with WhatsApp stickers. You can ask your friend to send a sticker, in reply to which you will send a sticker, then your friend will. Whenever, any one will be unable to find and send a relatable sticker as reply to the other person’s sticker, he/she loses.

6. Chat with GIF 

GIFs are one of the best ways to express feelings in short form. There are GIFs for almost every situation which makes it more interesting to use and more appealing to all. No matter the mood, no matter the language, GIFs are always there. You can play WhatsApp game with your boyfriend or girlfriend by asking him/her to send replies in GIFs. Who knows you might get a reply you always expected in the form of a GIF only.

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7. Send a video challenge

Videos are the next form of communication delivering what naturally remains unsaid over text. You can play games with your friends on WhatsApp by sending videos. For example, you can ask your friends to send a video of mimicking any popular actor. And, he can also ask you to send another video doing something else. This video challenge is very funny and provides instant joy.

8. Voice Notes

Voice notes are the best feature when you are feeling lazy to type long text messages. But what most do not realise is that voice notes can also be used to play interactive games with someone. You can play a voice-only game with your friend, where your friend needs to send replies only via voice notes. You can even ask them to mimic someone or sing a song. Especially when in groups, playing with voice notes is the best!

9. Changing DP or Profile Picture

Profile Picture is the most important part of our WhatsApp accounts. It is like the soul of WhatsApp. It’s the profile picture that forms the first impression and most often, the last impression too. Just think of the reaction of your friends when they would notice that your DP is removed! Alternatively, you can put a specific profile picture and ask your friend to identify your mood. This will be a fun and enjoyable game to play with your friends.

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10. Group Games

WhatsApp gives you the advantage of adding anyone on any group if that person hasn’t restricted anyone from adding him/her in groups. So, you can save random numbers, form a group with your friend and start adding those random numbers. Whenever a number is added by you text on the group, you get a point. And if your friend’s contact messages in the group, your friend will get a point. In case someone leaves the group without messaging anything, the one who added him/her will lose points. This is a dangerous yet fun game. So, be cautioned before trying it out. If you need help in choosing group name then here are some unique group name ideas for boys and some trendy names for girl’s WhatsApp group.

These were the 10 ways you can play games on WhatsApp. If you have some other methods, let us know in the comments section below.

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