Links via DigiLocker will be enough for passport application.

You came a long way to the passport office. You sit in front of the agent and realize that you forgot to bring your graduation certificate. Now you go all the way back to your home, apply for another slot booking, and have to travel back again to the passport office. This is frustrating and hectic, right? 

Well taking another step towards making India digital, a new scheme has been launched making the passport applying process a lot easier. Less paperwork and more digital revolution. On friday, V Muraleedharan, union minister of state for external and parliamentary affairs, inaugurated a new scheme which will provide passport applicants the benefit of applying digitally. Now instead of submitting paper documents, applicants can share the link of the uploaded document in the DigiLocker. 

This is the biggest change in the past 6 years. Now applicants don’t have to carry the documents making the whole process paperless mode. This scheme has been launched aiding the digital India campaign. The next major step is expected to add the passport in DigiLocker. 

Under Prime minister Narendra Modi’s reign, the digital India campaign has taken major steps in the past few years. DigiLocker was one such project under the digital revolution. “Your documentary anytime, anywhere” , the motive under launching this application was to have a safe locker to access confidential and important documents whenever in need. DigiLocker provides every aadhaar card holder about 1GB cloud space to upload scanned documents and to retrieve documents if the physical copy is lost. Now adding a person’s passport in DigiLocker will be a big step, under this campaign. This will also help or make it easier while reissuing the passport.

Recently, Government of India also issued some e-passports. The concept of e-passport is pretty new but revolutionary. Soon everyone will have the latest and fastest e-passport technology, that will help in faster airport checks and reliable information storage. It is an embedded microchip that is faster than the procedure with hand held passports with sturdy cover. This microchip will make forging duplicate cards difficult with technology like watermark and micro text.

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Governmental works are always deemed to be tiresome and sluggish. But with the amazing new transformation of digital application acceptance and digital documentation, people are set to work with ease. No bothering about forgetting the documents at home because now documents will be with us everywhere. A new step towards modernization, boon to digitization. 

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