Elon Musk Dethrones Jeff Bezos Again & Become The Richest Man in The World!

20.8 percent owner/CEO of Tesla and CEO, chief designer and CTO of SpaceX, Elon Musk regains his title of the world’s richest man. Second time in 2021, Musk yet again didn’t cease to surprise the business world. His wealth rose to $199.9 billion, stepping up ahead in the ladder of Bloomberg Billionaires Index and dethroning Jeff Bezos. 

It is the second time this year when Elon Musk found his way to the top of the world’s billionaires list. After the recent funding round of the rocket company SpaceX his wealth rose, once again leaving behind Jeff Bezos. 

Amazon.com Inc’s Jeff Bezos held the title for three straight years. He lost this title to Elon Musk shortly in January,2020. But he claimed it back in February, 2021 when shares of Tesla fell by 2.4 percent. Bezos’s net worth is $194.2, which begged him first place at the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Tesla’s share fell in January, 2020 and pulled its net worth down.

Recently, SpaceX raised $850 million with the help of Sequoia Capital’s group of investors, which cleared Elon’s way to the top. His net worth hiked by $11 billion. According to the Bloomberg’s index, the round value of Elon Musk hiked up to 60% from August. 

Elon Musk is known worldwide for the amazing transport reforms he had lionized, from electric cars manufactured by Tesla to space rockets of SpaceX. His rocket company is worth $46 billion. Recently,  he has been showing great interest in cryptocurrencies too. After he mentioned bitcoin on his twitter bio, bitcoin gushed up $38,000. He enticed the value of not only bitcoin, but also unrenowned cryptocurrency Dogecoin, after he revealed that Tesla bought cryptocurrency worth 1.5 billion. Amongst netizens the hashtag bitcoin is trending ever since.

Elon Musk recently invited Russian president Vladimir Putin for a chat session. Even after being known as the least active person in social media, Musk invited Russian president in Clubhouse, a social media app.

Elon Musk has maintained his reputation in the top searches over the internet and striking up to the top again as the world’s richest man aides to it. 

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