5 Different Types of Cab Drivers in India

Cabs are amongst the most indispensable means of transport at the minute. The cab industry has brought about some constitutional transformations, in the otherwise archaic taxi business. Booking cabs of varied sizes, and even autos, in alignment with your preference, is just a touch away now! Even those who aren’t inclined towards choosing a cab as their preferred mode, would agree that they’ve made social networking effortless. Nonetheless, the fun part is the firsthand experience we get with different drivers. Every commuter must have come across with some of these cabbies, every once in a while.

1. The Storyteller

This is the driver who’s a feast for an extrovert’s ears, and a nightmare for introverts! From the very get go, this cabbie will give a fierce competition to tale tellers, and will do justice to their ‘desi Charles Dickens’ aura.

Establishing a good rapport will all the loquacious commuters, they’ll ask assorted questions, and narrate equally interesting incidents from their early-life struggles, to that one night, where a drunk commuter created a scene in their cab. While they keep reserved people from having their much awaited ‘me time’, listening to their experiences help people recharge, and share their thoughts after a tiring day at work.

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2. The Hushed Sapien

As the name suggests, this driver’s personality traits are in stark contrast to the aforementioned one’s. An angel for people who just want to put on their earphones and groove to their ‘travel playlist’, while pretending the jitters from potholes are actually air turbulence, these drivers can be a put off for many extroverts out there. Replying in monosyllables is a characteristic, common to all such cabbies. From rolling up their glasses on request, to replying to where are they headed, they have “hmm” as a reply for everything! Getting them to interact is a task, many talkative commuters undertake, but fail every single time.

3. The One at a Crossroads (Pun Intended)

This is the cabbie who’s responsible for your ‘re-tardy’, ie. the ‘serial late comer’ reputation! Even the most advanced AI GPS fails to help this guy in finding our location. They’re are the type of drivers, who after making tens of calls and hundreds of U-turns, would call you saying, “Madam/Sir, where in this world do you live?”!

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Locating houses for them is as difficult as finding ‘x’ in an algebraic problem is, for a math-hating teenager. Once you’re finally in the cab, they’ll refuse to let the GPS guide them, which is like the case of every typical ‘Indian dad’, i.e. refusing to let technology overshadow their experience. To sum it up, whatever you do, they’ll always be stuck at a crossroads, literally and metaphorically.

4. The Fast and Furious

Now this is where it gets, whoosh, you’re home! Please complete this article, though! 😉 Jokes apart, this is the cabbie who should definitely star in the Indian remake of Fast and Furious. Late for a test? Late to a party? Never mind! This cabbie will come to your rescue in every situation!

Infamous for rushing past vehicles, taking sharp and risky turns, and picking fight with anybody who tries to overtake, they can get you to your location in no time. While it can be a scary ride for the people with road fear, lazy people who’re late everywhere love them, and would just fasten their seatbelts and leave the rest to them. You realize how fast you’ve reached when the Radio Jockey plays your favorite song, and you are at your destination way before the part you vibe to.

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5. The Life of the Party

Everyone’s familiar with the term ‘after party’! But this cabbie throws a party for you even before you are at the actual one! With a lounge-like ambience, flickering lights, and a scented backseat, the atmosphere this cab has, is to die for. Their woofers are always blasting peppy Punjabi and party songs, which get even the shyest people to into party mood. Their playlist is something you’re always tempted to borrow for your house-parties. A cab ride is indeed an interesting experience for people and a pinch of salt in otherwise bland routine! Apart from enthralling experiences at times, people surely gain a lot of perspective from interacting with different people.

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