Near death experience, Demi reveals her story of 3 strokes and a heart attack.

“It was a painful journey.”, american singer-songwriter Demi Lovato poured her heart out in her upcoming documentary ” Dancing with the devil “. Her documentary is due March 23, in which she opened up about her encounter with death. On January 28, 2011 she was discharged from Timberline Knolls, where she completed inpatient treatment after the incidents at the concert. In 2017, her documentary “Simply complicated” shocked her fans revealing her struggles and challenges. She mentioned depression, addiction and bullying, as really dark phases of her life.

On Wednesday, in her upcoming documentary Demi expressed her fatal experience, in 2018 she had 3 strokes and a heart attack. Doctors lost all hope and said that she had just 5-10 minutes more. Demi fought this battle of life which on one point everyone assumed she lost. Demi was diagnosed with Bulimia back in 2011, which got bad. This possibly answered all the questions raised on her body image. She was dragged down to the pit of depression. She was a cocaine addict and spent weeks in rehab facility. After all her struggle, she was sober for 6 straight years. When she released her single ‘Sober’ she admitted that she turned back. She went through her dark side retracing her sober years. She was sober but she was miserable. That’s when she went through the darkest phase of reconsidering, why was she even sober. She relapsed and her brain was damaged due to drug overdose, in 2018. She was hospitalized for 2 weeks, as a result.

Demi revealed that she doesn’t drives car because she has blindspots in her vision. She also admits having a hard time reading. Her journey has been a path full of obstacles, where she relapsed on her years of hard work. But she took full responsibility for all the incidents that followed her physical and emotional trauma. Demi faced repercussions of rebounding after she was sober for 6 years. She says that she gets sad when she thinks of the pain she had to endure to overcome her life threatening experience. Now that she comes in front to talk about her journey, she doesn’t want to change anything. She believes that everything that happened, although it was hard and painful, was for a reason and she regrets nothing. She has learned her lessons the hard way and she wants to help her fans who are on the same journey as she has experienced.

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