China’s counterattack results into banning of “BBC” from its mainland

China is taking the tit for tat move where they decided to ban the British news network, BBC World News. On Thursday, 11th February 2021 Chinese broadcasting regulator “National Radio and Television Administration” or NRTA issued a statement stopping the airing of BBC in their mainland.

There were two reasons behind this giant decision. Firstly, according to the report published by the NRTA, BBC World News has alleged China for creating havoc to the lives of the Uyghur minority. Just a week earlier, a similar move was taken by the British government and now China is all taking its revenge by banishing British Broadcasting Corporation.

The biggest media regulator of Britain, Ofcom issued a joined decision and announced that they have removed the license of China Global Television Network or CGTN. The Chinese news channel under CGTN won’t be functional in the United Kingdom anymore. Along with that, Britain forbade the working of Chinese groups including Huawei from any involvement in their 5G program. The whole issue took a reverse turn when the Chinese government came up with their report of banning the British news giant, BBC World News.

British Broadcasting Corporation conducted some in-depth reporting on the ongoing situation of the lives of the Uyghur community. In their coverage, they recorded a woman from the Uyghur section in which she shared her experience in the Chinese detention camps of Xinjiang. She detailed this issue and even expressed how she was tortured, raped, harassed within those camps. The BBC’s report on this issue also includes the words of other detainees who were forced to see the women getting raped and many more. 

On 11th February 2021, NRTA issued that the UK’s news network is not maintaining and following the journalistic rules while reporting on such issues. According to them, BBC has infringed and did a false report on the whole Uyghur matter. They felt that such actions by the foreign media will hamper the integrity and unity of the country to a large extent.

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As a reaction to this Chinese move, BBC came up with further clarification. BBC was never allowed to work freely in China and most of the local houses do not even have the channels. Only the biggest hotels and foreign families were allowed to watch the foreign news from BBC but that too only via satellite. The Chinese government has always tried to maintain a strict policy regarding media freedom. The authoritarian system which is maintained by the Chinese government is making it extremely difficult for the journalists to come up with the true nature of the working of the detention camps.

BBC felt that this is a disappointing action from China’s side as they are trying to curtail media freedom. The spokesperson of BBC clarified on their fair and objective reporting. Being an old and trusted world’s news network, it would be extremely unethical if they don’t come up with the true happenings of the world whether it be about the most secret nation, “China”.

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