China giving direct threats of imposing “sanctions” to the world

The rise of this global pandemic has generated anger within the global netizens against China. People from all over the world gave a call to boycott the Chinese products, services, and even the “Beijing Winter Olympics”. But China is a rising power that is now threatening the countries with sanctions.

The “Winter Olympics” is decided to be held in 2022 and Beijing, the capital of China will be hosting the grand ceremony. China is the first and the only nation to hold both the Summer and Winter Olympics in its motherland. But this decision has provoked some biggest nations of the world to raise their voice against this. Mainly after the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, the entire world raised multiple questions against China. And now, the country is being alleged for conducting “genocide” against the Uyghur Muslims.

Uyghur is a Turkish traditional group who have originated from mid and eastern Asia. Currently, they are among the 55 ethnic minorities who are residing in Xinjiang, China. Approximately 1 million minority groups including Uyghurs are kept in Chinese prisons since 2015. The entire nation stood together and call this a “genocide” and crime against humanity.

As a result of this action, the world powers including the United Kingdom decided to boycott the “Beijing Winter Olympics”. The event was to be held in 2020 but due to this global pandemic, it has been rescheduled to 2022. A joint coalition comprising of around 180 right supporting groups along with the major politicians gave notice to the International Olympic Committee or IOC to bring out this event from China.

After hearing this global decision on boycotting, China threatened those countries of issuing “sanctions” if they avoid their Olympics. The news first came from the editor of Global Times, Hu Xijin who tweeted on Sunday, 7th February 2021. In his tweet, he showed his confidence over this matter and expressed that neither IOC nor any athletes will boycott this grand event. Lately, he took to his editorial page to boost the country’s power. China is having the required resources and means through which they can easily sanction any countries which are trying to oppose their Winter Olympics.

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Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Chief of Britain said that China is trying to conduct ethnic cleansing measures and the Uyghur community is highly targeted. The European countries feel that human rights are getting violated. The world cannot sit quietly and get bullied by the Chinese ruling government. According to his word, no country would want sanctions but it is not right to stay quiet even when the wrongdoings are happening in front of the eyes. 

The shocking news is that the United States is staying soft regarding this matter. Joe Biden, the newly elected President of the US clearly stated that they are not taking any plans of boycotting the Olympic event to be held in Beijing. But the majority of the Republicans passed a statement in which they are against the actions of China and thus urged the country to simply stop their athletes to visit the event.  

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