21 Best Games to Play with Your Best Friends on WhatsApp in 2022

Oh! Bored due to Coronavirus lockdown? No worries, we have a list of WhatsApp games that you can play with your friends without leaving your bed which can make your day a lot more interesting.

Have you ever been in a position when you don’t have anything to talk about while chatting with your close friends on WhatsApp?

Not sure about you, but I always run out of stuff to say while chatting with my friends during late-night WhatsApp group discussions. Then the whole conversation turns boring and silent for a while. It also happens when chit-chatting to my girlfriend, everything goes blank. But I have the best secret solution to turn any boring conversation into fun, exciting, crazy, entertaining, spicy and that is online WhatsApp games. Continue reading for the list of best WhatsApp games to play when bored with friends over text.

P.S You can play this game in any language, not just in English. To make your work easy we have added some image templates with answers. You can also copy-paste that.

1. WhatsApp Story Status Challenge Game

Some people also call this WhatsApp status viewer challenge. This is the most trending game on WhatsApp to play with your friends.

I am sure you must have seen WhatsApp story status like choose a letter, select a number, fill up answers, solve this problem, Decode this puzzle, what do you think about me, how much do you know about me. This is exactly the same game.

2. Emoji Translation Challenge

Smiley’s Puzzle game is a simple, easy, and unique game that you can play with your buddy-boy. I call it Emotional-Atyachaar guessing the meaning of emoji. I’m addicted to this Naughty Emoji Game.

Emoji, Think of it more like a millennial language. These tiny emotive characters add emotions to otherwise simple plain text. It is one of the most trending online game in English countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

This WhatsApp game has many versions. Send emojis and the other person has to interpret (decode) the meaning of emoji-like movie names, brand names (cloths/phone/automobile, etc.) or celebrity names.

3. Truth or Dare Game

Do you want to know someone’s secrets and can’t ask them directly?

Try the Truth or Dare game.

Truth or Dare Game is one of the most famous games on the list which can be played over text message, but if you want to enjoy it to the fullest then WhatsApp group video call is highly recommended; You can give dare tasks to sing, dance, wear funny dresses, make funny faces, or mimic someone, etc.

P.S: You can also use this game to flirt or get to know your crush better.

4. Meme/Gif challenge

A very entertaining and HOT trending game that you can play on your WhatsApp messenger, exchange of funny photos, (meme) videos or gifs.

To play this game you have to be creative to turn any picture into a funny meme by adding a few texts and if you are familiar with the latest trends then it’s like the cherry on the cake.

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Pick any viral scene from any movie or anything on the internet like dialogue… and make it fit in the current situation.

Recommend this game if next time someone asks you ‘What games can you play with your bestie on WhatsApp messenger App?’

meme gif chat game

5. General Knowledge Test

This is one of the best games on the list. You must be wondering why? This game is really fun and my favourite past-time. Ask mathematical or logical questions to test who’s intelligent or their thinking capabilities, this also helps in improving your critical thinking skills. This becomes more exciting when you play in a group between 2 different teams.

Remember: If your bro is replying late, trust me he is googling for the answer.

6. 20 Questions 

20Q is a very old popular TV game show (1949–1955). This is another classic interesting past-time that you can play virtually using the WhatsApp messenger app. This is a kind of guessing/predicting game that could be played over your mobile phone as well between 2 players’ in a direct message or multiplayer in a WhatsApp group.

Rule to play 20 Question Quiz games:

As the name suggests only 20 questions can be asked, not more than that, and answers have to be in yes/no or sometimes you can use adverbs like “Sometimes,” usually,” or “rarely” to give your opponent a clue.

#Person1: You have to think about place, person, object, or anything. #Person2: he will ask you 20 questions over text to guess what that thing is and you have to reply with just Yes or No.

At the end of 20 questions, if the predicted correct answer then they will win.

7. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

There is only one rule to play this mind booster game and this is Speed, you have to be superfast to win. This can help you improve your vocabulary.

If you are playing this through a message then you have to be fast in texting. If video calls then writing.

Note: You can include 8 participants in a WhatsApp group video or voice call at a time.

Oh! You don’t know how to play “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” but this is the same game from your school days.


One has to count a-z then someone from the participants will say stop. For example, if you stopped at the word ‘m’ then everyone would have to write a name starting with m, a place starting with m, and so on.

8. I Spy

I Spy is on the interesting game, because it requires patience to take this challenge. The real test of this game is your concentration and your presence of mind. This works as a catalyst and makes any conversation interesting and exciting.

You can also share this game as a WhatsApp story challenge and ask your contacts to answer.

It helps you improve your focus, attention, and memory.

You will be given a picture and you have to find out what is missing in that image or where an object is.

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9. Kiss Marry Kill

I can’t recommend “Kiss marry kill” to play with your homies but you can definitely play with your schoolmate or collegemate.

Here is the rule:

You have to select three people (mutual friends, teacher, celebrities, etc.), and your opponent has to choose whom he wants to Kiss, which one to marry, and which one to kill.

Put them in dilemma, give difficult names to confuse. for example the name of friends in the group, favourite actor/actress name, etc.

10. Sher-o-Shayari

It is one of the simplest yet the most nerve wracking games to play on WhatsApp! This is the best game for you if you are Indian and if there are girls in your WhatsApp group. You can also play this game if you want to entertain someone over text.

First you have to bring out your inner poet and text your friend a shayari of your own, then he has to text you back a shayeri in the same rhyming sequence. To make the game even more interesting, you can even set up a time limit, and each one of you would have to write his/her shayari within that time!

11. Riddles

Another one of the most simple yet entertaining games to be played on whatsapp with your friends would be ‘solving riddles’!

You could give each other mind twisting questions that are hard to decipher but seem extremely easy once they are answered! And the one who solves the most of them in the specified time limit, wins! Not only is it a fun game but also one which is pretty challenging.

12. Unscramble

Unscramble is yet another game that you might need to use your wits for.

This game involves you imagining a word and texting your friend individual letters that comprise the word in a scrambled up manner. Now all that he needs to do is unscramble the letters to make out the word that you originally imagined, and if he/she is right, they score a point!

13. What Would You Do (WWYD)

Now this is a game that really tests your imaginative capabilities and is simultaneously fun to play.

First either you or your friend have to think of a random situation and blurt it out to the other person, and ask them what they would do, if they were currently in the same scenario/situation. Now the opponent has to quickly figure out an answer and tell you what exactly he would do if he was currently in the scenario that you just presented to him!

14. Would You Rather

This game is a great time pass and also might help you find out similar interests that you share with your friends.

Here you need to ask your friend a question by giving them two options and ask them which one would they rather pick. They have to answer in either or, there is no ‘in between’! While at this game, you both might just ask each other the same questions once in a while, and who knows, you might just find out how similar you both are.

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15. What’s The First Thing That Came To Your Mind

It is a great game that you could play over WhatsApp and it is dead simple too. Here, what you first need to do is message your friend  one random word or object or name, and he has to tell you the first thing that comes to his mind upon reading it. But the game has one rule, no thinking!

16. Math Dare

This game isn’t as easy as it sounds and obviously not if mathematics isn’t your strong point, but it is a great game for passing time while also sharpening your calculation skills. You start by giving out simple math problems to each other and move up the ladder as the problems get more tricky.

17. Guess The Character

If both of you are movie buffs then this is the right game for you. You think of a character in your mind and you give each other clues, and if the other one guesses it correctly, he/she scores a point.

18. Backward Texting

This is the perfect game when you want to mess with your friends while chatting. Each of you has to type in a random sentence while spelling it backwards, and the other has to correctly guess what you are trying to say. The game might start off as just messing with each other, then who knows you might just make a whole lot of conversation this way, isn’t that cool?

19. Fill In The Blanks

It is a simple yet fun game to play and it might also help you know each other better. Come-on, who doesn’t like it when your friends complete your sentences!

How to Play:

All you have to do is message your friend incomplete sentences using underscores as gaps, like this- My favorite sport is____. And the other guy’s task would be to correctly guess and complete your sentence.

20. Confession Game

This game is as easy as it sounds but make sure it’s only a trusted friend you are playing this with. You will take turns while revealing some secrets about yourself to the other guy that no one else knows anything about. Start out with some simple ones, then move up to your deepest and darkest secrets!

21. What If…

This is another one of the situation based games that you can play to pass the time. You start by taking turns and giving each other situations and the other one has to answer what they would do in such a scenario.

For example:

You can ask “What if the world was ending, and you could say only one last then to me, what would you say? Then just wait for his answer and have fun!”

Final Words:

Hope these games will help you break the ice and have fun during these tough times. Stay at home and have fun with your family and friends playing these games and stay safe


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