10 Best Professional Video Editing Apps for Android without Watermark in 2021

With the introduction of short-form video sharing platforms and integrated short video features such as Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, Video Editing is on an all-time high. Especially on smartphones. To cope up with the demand there’s a huge supply of free video editors on the play store but they all come with a caveat that is of course watermarks. So, it’s time to find some of the best android video editing apps without watermarks.

Top 10 video editing android apps to edit social media video posts.

1. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is one of the best video editing apps for Androids. VN Video editor is free for Android and has no watermark after exporting the video. The best part of this app won’t encounter any ads or banners while video editing and exporting. The most amazing feature is that the app provides an intuitive user interface. Unlike other video editors, this app won’t distract its users with advertisements. This app has advanced tools for editing such as GFX for video effects, curve shifting, filters, multitrackers for editing, and more.  

2. Quik

Quick is an incredible video editing app without a watermark for Androids. This app is created by the famous action camera manufacturer GoPro. Quik is the best video editing app for beginners. It is the best choice for beginners to start learning video editing on phones. Quik video editing app uses its presets to give a professional touch to videos. This app provides some amazing effects to give adorable edits. 


VLLO is one of the most recommendable apps for vlogs creating, as well as popular video editing. VLLO is a free video editor and does not put any watermark. VLLO provides features so that its users won’t get distracted while editing & exporting the video. This also provides features for its users to adjust the resolution according to different social media platforms. 

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4. PixArt Video

PixArt Video is a professional video editing app with no watermarks. PixArt provides professional tools features such as join, trim, and crop tools for video editing. PixArt also provides access to music collection series along with the feature of overall volume adjustment. PixArt provides amazing features such as the adjustment of the video speed, changing the video background, and more. 

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an easy and quick tool based upon the professional video editing app Premiere Pro. It provides basic editing tools and effects. It is a free app for Androids, provides dramatic tools and filters. 

6. Video Guru 

Video Guru is the best video maker and trimmer app, specially designed for Youtube video editing. This app provides powerful features for youtube video editing, vlog editing, video making, and trimming the video. Its features help to attain more attention on youtube from your audience. 

7. VlogIt

VlogIt is one of the most popular apps for video editing on the Play Store. This app is developed by a famous video editing company, wondershare. This app provides the features of exporting video in different qualities. VlogIt provides a dynamic range of editing effects such as speed control, filters, size, crop. etc. 

8. Kruso 

Kruso Video editor is one of the best video editors for intermediate and advanced editors. The app has a collection of templates that users can use as a reference to or use for free for editing their videos. The editor also has all the features of a non-linear video editing app such as Split track, inserting music, etc.

9. Vivacut

Vivacut is a cool video editing app with 3-D effects, transition, and chroma. Its features make the text stand out in front and look extraordinary. This app provides interesting effects and filters for video editing. 

10. Action Director 

The video editing app by Cyberlink Corp from Taiwan gives users an easy-to-use video editing on the go app. The app comes with easy-to-use slow-mo effect features as well as animated titles. 

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These are some video editing apps that provide different features and an amazing video editing filter that helps its users to edit videos. These apps are free for Androids without a watermark for video editing.

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