Top 10 Best CBSE Schools for Kids in Patna, Bihar

Every parent’s concern is to find the right school for their child, which is the foremost essential criteria of the school authorities as well, to provide the best education with brilliant coaches, and mentors experts in taking child care along with the child’s physical, psychological and mental development for better health and growth. The best Schools in Patna which provide all the above-mentioned criteria are listed below, it will help parents to decide where to put their child for the best education guiding them to the steps of success.

List of 10 CBSE affiliated schools in Patna

  1. Notre Dam Academy
  2. St Michael’s High School
  3. D A V Public School
  4. Acharya Shri Sudarshan Patna Central School
  5. Radiant International School
  6. B D Public School
  7. Kendriya Vidyalaya
  8. Gyan Niketan School
  9. Bishop Scott Girls School
  10. Litera Valley School

Final words:

Choose the best for the great future of your child.

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