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Best 10 Mosquito Killer Lamps For Bedroom in India 2022

We live in any part of India either clean or dirty places, we can’t escape from mosquitoes. Whether Continuous annoying buzz sounds or the presence of Mosquito itself disturbs our sleep, that’s the reason we couldn’t sleep well during the night. Get rid of them, we used lots of home remedies like a net but that does not give much relief from them.

Even use of liquid repellents or incense sticks that are not good for human health which release some harmful chemicals. Here is the best alternative option for this problem. We have recommended a list of best mosquito killer lamps for your living room that you can use as an alternative to harmful liquid repellents or incense sticks or You can also purchase a mosquito killer bat, it is very effective.


Wosta electronic led mosquito trap killer lamp has 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology which kills mosquitoes efficiently in a more physical way. Without disturbing your sleep, it kills all flying insects and Its soft blue light acts as a night light as well as saving electricity. It has a USB chargeable cable

This is more healthy for the human body rather than pesticides and chemicals and you can frequently use it anyway like in bedrooms, kitchens, warehouses, and hospitals. This lamp has a streamlined 360-degree suction fan that can be sucked the flying insects from any direction and kill them very effectively.

You can easily remove the trapped mosquito from a large capacity mosquito storage box and clean it quickly. It is a waterproof mosquito lamp. This repellent is very easy to maintain, you need to plug in the plug and press the button. It’s come under the range of thousand and can be purchased from Amazon.


This mosquito killer lamp is amazingly designed with low power consumption, high performance of the anti-mosquito. Its purple deem light used as a night light and LED light attracts flying giants from each corner of the surrounding area, killing them instantly. The odourless, chemical-free, and pollution-less features of this lamp provide you a healthy and fresh environment. you will get a portable USB adapter with this lamp. And you can easily recharge anywhere with adequate electricity. You can operate this from anywhere by computer, laptop, mobile power, etc. These unique features make this mosquito killer lamp different from others.

This killer lamp can be set up in any place where you need to kill mosquitoes. Generally, it worked more effectively in bed-room, halls, hotels, offices, camps, and farm-like places. Cleaning this lamp is not difficult, things you should follow to merely remove the outer plastic cover with a screwdriver and separate dead mosquitoes or gnats from it.

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Pokari is an Indian brand that manufactured one of the best electronic mosquito trap machines. Its ultraviolet light has strong light penetration which lures flying insects over a 320 square foot area. And its updated vortex fan is twice as good as other ordinary fans which kill mosquitoes, flies, and small insects in a more physical way.

This killer lamp has various interesting features like it’s very handy and portable, even you can use it conveniently at your home or any other places. It works without any noise, won’t disturb your family’s sleep at night and its soft purple low light can be used as a night lamp. Just one press, it started working.


This mosquito trap killer features such as 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology which lures insects like moths, mosquitoes, etc, and kills them in a purely physical and effective way. It has double features, can be used as a night lamp and its blue light at night gives you more delightful sleep. It can eliminate all flying insects as well saving energy. Almost noiseless, people will not disturb while sleeping.

During the morning, you should not open the bottom tray directly because the mosquitoes trapped inside the tray may fly out. Keep it running for more than 2 -3 hours so that the mosquitoes feel uncomfortable and die. For its more efficient work, you should be kept maintained distances from the fan and the room should be dark.

The operation is simple and less complex, you need to plug in the plug, press the button. People adjust this killer lamp in the home’s kitchen, warehouse, and the hospital also.


PYXBE is an international Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Lamp. You can use it as a night lamp as well as an insect killer machine at your home. This is the same as other mosquito killer lamps easy to handle, with USB reachable, and very handy to carry anywhere.

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It’s a process to kill mosquitoes fast and furious. First to entices mosquitos by its effective led light, sucks them by their powerful fan’s current then kills them and stores them in mosquito trays. You can easily clean it by opening up a tray. Its fan work without making any sounds gives you a peaceful and healthy environment. 


This Mosquito killer lamp is different from PYXBE . It has features like a bottom storage box that stored bead mosquitoes and you can simply twist to unlock the bottom, discard them. It can discharge a light wave of 365 Nm in length, specially designed for attracting mosquitoes. It’s a fan designed with seven lea whalpool which traps more insects and correctly killed them. 

Other features of this killer lamp like convenient power supply via the standard USB charging cable. This could be connected to any mobile charging head or laptops and recharged in any situation.

It worked more effectively anywhere such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, hotel, yoga centers, hospitals, car, etc. It is completely non-toxic and healthy to pregnant women, children, or pets.


This American brand question killer lamp is testified and certified to Emc as well as fulfilled all relevant American standards. Its automatic electronic insect bug zapper works flawlessly. And its accurate frequency blue light traps mosquitoes rapidly.

This one also works as eco friendly, soundless and smell-less, giving healthy surroundings to all age groups of people. This also gives a mosquito-free atmosphere anytime and anywhere.


If we talked about this mosquito lamp, its appearance is more fascinating and unusual. It’s a technique to trap and kill small flying insects in a more physical way and the best mosquito killer lamp. Its dual features of led light work similarly to another killer lamp to produce a 365nm light wavelength to lure mosquitoes. Its fan-generated fast airflow to suck them shortly, stored in a mosquito box. That’s completely odorless and non-toxic to human health. It’s easy to assemble or dismantle while cleaning.

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You can use mosquito lamps in environments like Indoor: bedroom, study, living room, bathroom, restaurant, hotel, restaurant, conference rooms, offices, supermarkets, etc. Certainly outdoor camping tents and enclosed spaces.


Mosquitoes are transmitted through ultraviolet LED lights and killed by electric shock. Mosquito trap with light waves, quietly effective and comfortable. It has similar dual features to other mosquito killer lamps.

With just a One-button press, it starts working.

Its Ultra Safe Guarantee gives you radiation-free, noise-free, non-toxic, and chemical-free surroundings which is safer for children, pregnant ladies, elderly people, or pets. It’s advanced and Powered by USB and convenient to carry out according to preference. It is portable for indoor and outdoor.


Among all other mosquito repellents, it looks more classic and small in size. The led light technology lures all title flying insects towards the lamp and Its updated suction fan sucks them and bugs into the box. You need not clean this box frequently but once in 2-4 weeks, even clean in water also.

Its led light has a long service life other than killer lamps like more than ten thousand hours and saves more than 70% electricity. You can also use it as the night light in your bedroom. It’s USB power is handy to carry and can be set up in places like bedrooms, halls, hotels, travel, camping, and any places where mosquitoes are disturbing you.

Using it for the first time, please keep some important points in mind like, use it for more than two days. While using this day time, ensure you should not be frog rot to close the door, windows and pull off the curtains. It works more effectively in a dark environment.

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