15 [Popular] Medical Korean Dramas That Might Inspire You To Be A Doctor

The year 2019-20 has already been hard on us and we want to enjoy 2021 with some Korean drama entertainment. What better entertainment is now available to us than superb Korean dramas about doctors? Imagine good-looking doctors running around saving lives at the hospital while enthralling drama goes on in their workplace and personal lives. Since the last few years, global attention has turned towards the fascinating creations coming in from the Korean entertainment industry. Korean dramas have been global cultural icons representing South Korea and doctor Korean drama series have been spearheading this trend. List of Best Suspense-Filled Korean Dramas Series About Doctors That You Should Watch in 2021.

1. Doctor Stranger

A favorite Korean medical drama series with a beautiful soundtrack, Doctor Stranger has attracted numerous views after releasing in 2014. Doctor Stranger is about a father and son who were sent to North Korea under an evil plot and denied entry back into South Korea. Accepting faith, the father, a skilled doctor trains his son what he knows and he becomes a doctor too, a highly-efficient cardiothoracic surgeon to be exact.

While in North Korea, the son whose name is Park Hoon falls in love with a named Song Jae-hee. After the demise of his father, Hoon tries to flee to South Korea with his partner but loses contact with her. 

While in South Korea, Hoon, fortunately, gets employed at a top hospital, he encounters another doctor colleague who looks exactly similar to his past partner. The drama begins when this woman doctor named Han Seung-hee claims that she does not remember meeting Park Hoon in her life.

2. Good Doctor

People suffering from health and mental are often looked down on, bullied, and face prejudice at social institutions. The same is best portrayed in the hit Korean drama series called Good Doctor where a young doctor who suffers from autism and savant syndrome gets employed as a pediatrician in a hospital. Not much time goes by before he faces prejudice from patients and colleagues at the hospital but thankfully he manages to overcome them. His rare skills, complementary to his disorders works as an advantage for him. But all is going on smoothly in the hospital due to its highly competitive nature within doctors, especially when the Park Si-on, the protagonist falls in love. 

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3. The Doctors

The Doctors, also called Doctors tells the story high-school bully with a dangerous personality and how she becomes a brilliant street-savvy neurosurgeon in the future, thanks to the help of her professor. Yoo Hye Jung has had a traumatic childhood which is evident in her distant and domineering behavior in high school. In comes a compassionate mentor in her life named Hong Ji0hong who transforms her into a better human being and motivates her into the path of becoming a neurosurgeon. 

4. Yong Pal

In the need of financial help to pay for his sister’s medical bills, brilliant surgeon Kim Tae Hyeon is forced to offer his medical services to mobsters, gangsters, and corrupt tycoons. He begins to attend house calls to tend to these criminals to help his situation. While tending to one house call, he finds Han Yeo Jin, a wealthy heiress forced to fall into a medically induced coma. Plans take a thrilling and suspenseful turn when Tae Hyeon decides upon himself to save Yeo Jin’s life despite his own troubles. Can Kim Tae Hyeon save up to pay for his sister’s medical bills while also saving Han Yeo Jin’s life? Watch Yong Pal to find out.

5. Medical Top Team

6. Doctor John

7. Dr. Romantic

After the anticipating first part of Dr. Romantic, the second part was aired from January 6 to February 25, 2020. With Han Suk-kyu as the title character along with Ahn Hyo-seop. Han Suk-kyu calls himself Dr. Romantic. The characters in the story are put at the perfect place making it the best T. V. Series that would make everyone sit and enjoy with family.

8. Kill Me, Heal Me

Dealing with mental disorders and patient-doctor romance with the mystery behind, Kill Me, Heal Me was a great hit among the younger age viewer because of its suspense-filled storyline and chemistry between the leads. The drama series begins with the heir of wealthy business cooperation getting diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder. The protagonist, Cha Do Hyun, to regain control over his life before one of his seven identities take over, seeks the help of a first-year psychiatric resident named Oh Ri Jin. 

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The suspense begins when the treatment goes on in secret and Ri Jin’s twin brother begins following Do Hyun around in hopes to write a provocative article about the scandalous lives of the wealthy. 

9. Hospital Playlist

Following the iconic legacy of the Wise Life series, Hospital Playlist comes on as the second installment to the same. Hospital playlist is a Korean drama series set around five doctors who have been friends since medical school, probably for 20 years, and what challenges they face when they begin working at the same place. The drama series shows the struggle and coping strategies of the five doctors who find comfort in each other and cope in their daily life together.

Hospital playlist is currently the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. That means a lot because cable television is seriously competitive and good interesting content is a major determinant. This means, you sure can hope for a lot of thrill and drama from this Korean television series which is set to be renewed for a second season in May 2021. 

10. Descendants Of The Sun

One of the most worldwide popular Korean drama which had a significant impact on Korean tourism too in the past few years was Descendants of the Sun. This medical Korean drama series is about the drama and romance between Yoo Si-jin, the captain of South Korean Special Forces, and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon. They are fictional characters played by famous Korean actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-ko. The premise of this Korean doctor drama series begins with Si-jin accompanying an injured thief to the emergency room as a guard after catching him and meeting Mo-Yeon in the emergency room of the hospital. 

The excitement begins after Dr. Mo-Yeon presumes Si-jin to a member of a criminal gang while Si-jin becomes charmed by Dr. Mo-Yeon on the first site. 

As the series progresses, we get to know that Mo-Yeon is a trauma surgeon and after Si-jin’s actual identity is revealed, Mo-yeon agrees to go on a date with him. Despite their mutual attraction towards each other, they later find out their views towards human life are vastly different. but destiny brings them back together while they are deployed in a life-saving foreign mission in a war-torn country. 

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11. Life

Life is a Korean drama series centered around colliding interests between the newly-appointed President and a compassionate emergency doctor. While the doctor, Ye Jin Woo is patient-centered and wants the hospital to run smoothly, keeping patient’s needs at the center, the new President has different plans. He wants to turn the hospital to keep profit first and get ahead in the game. A classic drama between good and evil and who wins the fight. 

12. Hospital Ship

Hospital ship is a Korean drama series centered around three doctors who want to help the underprivileged while suffering from inner turmoil after professional setbacks. Looking for a fresh start, three young doctors accompanied by other medical professionals reach a remote island to care for and tend to any medical emergency within the population of remote islands. The three doctors have a vastly different set of expertise and mindset which leads to them not getting very well at the start of the series. For the sake of their profession, they decide to put their differences aside and focus on tending to patients in need of their medical help. 

13. Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple is a famous romantic medical South Korean drama series, released in 2014. Emergency Couple tells the story of a divorced couple who are forced to work together after six years. While married, Oh Chang-min and Oh Jin-hee came across lots of troubles such as opposition from Chang-mins family, lack of financial support, broken professional dreams, and more, Their marriage could not hold together for long, but fate has brought them together once again, working as emergency room interns at the same hospital. What will happen between the Emergency Man and Woman, watch Emergency Couple to find out.

14. Doctor Prisoner

15. Live Up to Your Name


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