5 Fastest Job Searchers That Can Help You Find A Job Quick & Easy In 2021

Finding the suitable job for oneself can be a tiresome and prove to be difficult sometimes. Also, given the present situation, this job is more difficult than ever. A few decades ago, people had to have references to get a proper job or had to browse through the ‘classified’ section of the newspapers to know the job options available. And that was the time when government jobs were considered as the only proper job options available for the mass. But, after the economic liberalization, many multinational companies have vastly expanded in India over the last 25 years. Nowadays, job portals are considered to be an easy access since the majority of the population include tech savvy individuals. We have therefore, listed some of the fastest job searchers available in India.

1. LinkedIn

linkedin jobs

LinkedIn serves as a platform to increase networking and job searching for the professionals around the world. This site is an easy way through which you can easily access to some of the top professionals and managers without having to go through the HR department. This site also allows one to write blog posts on subjects of one’s expertise and to share links of things one has read and liked on the website. LinkedIn has expanded its platform via LinkedIn Learning that allows the users to learn skills and expand their opportunities for their career.

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2. Naukri.com

naukri jobs

Naukri.com is one of the leading job sites in India and possesses about 60% of the Indian job search market place. There are about 50 million users with about 15,000 resumes being uploaded daily. Another reason of this website being popular is that it is one of the top free job portals in India. It is also one of the oldest sites that was initiated in India that has grown to become one of the top job portals in India. The current new venture of Naukri.com FirstNaurki.com which is a job search portal exclusively designed for fresh graduates or students still in their college years.

3. Shine.com

shine job

Shine.com is owned by the popular newspaper company, Hindustan Times group and thereby become one of the serious competitors in the job portals in India. Several multinational hire candidates from the common job portals like Naukri and Shine to hire employees in their companies. The specialty of this site is that it provides opportunities for the people who are already employed and are looking for a change. One of the best features of this website is that it provides a resume builder service. For a free subscription, Shine provides you to the best HR professionals and career advisors who help you in every way to help you build and write a perfect resume. Once it is done, the resume will be featured by the site to all the top recruiters in your area according to your professional expertise.

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4. KillerLaunch

KillerLaunch job

KillerLaunch is one of the best job sites in India that acts like a bridge between recruiters and job seekers. This website has been created especially for the students as well as young professionals for providing employment opportunities in their preferred location. This website helps finding both internships and jobs.

5. Monster.com

Monster.com job

Monster.com is one if the world’s largest and most popular job websites. The USP of this website is that a great number of jobs within the international companies are enlisted within the website. It is also one of the best job portals for Indians looking for jobs overseas, especially in the Middle east and South east Asia. Monster.com is also one of the best job portals for startup jobs in India.

These were, therefore the five top job portals in India that can help one find his/her dream job if one is able to fulfill the job requirements stated, accordingly under the job description. A simple, brief, crisp, competent, unique and well-designed cv will attract the employers that will lead them to hire you for the job.

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